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nice game

cant wait

thank you I kinda made my game matter the speed and you find the underground because there is a clue in the air pointing in the water

Will there be a winner ??? PLZ be a yes

oh its wrong because the motion variable is a vector2 which has an x and a y value Vector2(x, y) so if you want to declase the motion you will say motion.x or motion.y it matters where you want the motion to go like up and down, left or right 

Thank you for everybody who downloads my game much appreciation for all of you stay safe #blacklivesmatter

wow nice game


somebody broke the rules and submitted the game he made 1 month ago and submitted it on this jam

and there is another glitch that if you put another plant on the truck that isnt on the list you still get points!!!

and that the truck just goes away of the screen just so the people do not see it they can go away of the map so we dont see it so if they go to the path of the truck until they disappear from the screen they can put the object in the truck and come back on the screen without the item because the item is on the truck so plsss fix this bug too because it makes the game easier to play not challenging to the players to see what score they can beat

Hi Brackeys when i was playing the game me and my sis after a plant is complete and is on the dirt and then you place another seed above it it will disappear and plant the next seed so plsss this is the best game i played on and dont let this flop so plss fix this bug that the player can only place seeds on an empty dirt area

OHHH So if you want to farm you go down and you see next to the water watever on the table there is a hoe go to the farm press space and then put the hoe on the table and take the seeds and you can plant

me too

thank you so much I was going to lose all my work if you said a No! OMG thank you so much


nice and cool but it is too hard to win or play

Hi plss (talking to the host) can i plss use art from google because this is the first game I ever made and i dont know how to draw well so plsssssss can i use other arts

Pretty nice game 

WOW very impressive your game looks sooo cooll If i woul rate this game it would be 5 stars

its ok because I kinda feel like c# Is hard I have unity but I want to use godot because it is easier and what age are you I am 12 years old

I have send you a friend request on discord

I can bit I wanna see if you use Godot game engine because I am making a nice game let me see if have experience and you can help if you dont then watch how to make a game using Godot by GDquest because Godot uses it's own programming language called GDscript which is so easy to understand if you understand the lesson then you can help me GDscript is like javascript and python but easier

is it Guys??

is it 560 words or line of code????