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Can i use art from google because it is my first game and i dont know hoe to make art?

A topic by MorrisElHelou created May 05, 2020 Views: 105 Replies: 3
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Hi plss (talking to the host) can i plss use art from google because this is the first game I ever made and i dont know how to draw well so plsssssss can i use other arts


Hmm... I don't know, but in rules there's witten "no spritesheets or external libraries allowed", so you must ask eggnog.


Hi Morris! There's no need to create art for this jam, since spritesheets aren't permitted. Often, people will draw a rectangle or circle to the screen to represent players, but there is rarely pixel art / sprite art used for TweetTweetJam!

thank you so much I was going to lose all my work if you said a No! OMG thank you so much