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Hi RaZere! Sorry the controls didn't hit the spot for you - they could definitely use some coyote time for more forgiving jumps, and a little pause after a death. Thanks for playing. :) 

Hey, that's not bad at all! Getting all the time pieces and getting through is a valiant effort, I'm so glad that you had fun! :)

I used PICO-8,  a lil game engine which is actually quite simple to learn! It uses Lua, which is a very beginner-friendly language compared to actual 8-bit systems. You can get it for $15 USD at if you're interested! :)

Thanks for playing, ytmroper! :)

Hey, you had the courtesy to play my game and leave me a comment, it's the least I can do! Thanks again :)

Thanks Hat Kid! :)

Thanks Meowyboy12! :)

Well, if that isn't what I got into making games for, I don't know what is. Glad you checked out AHiT because of this, that makes me really happy. :)

This is one of the best troll games I've ever played. I think it's cause the character makes a cute squeak when it dies, so it doesn't feel like a punishment.

Thanks so much fleurie! :) It makes me happy that you and your boyfriend enjoyed the music so much. The music's a chiptune version of A Hat in Time's Battle of the Birds level, so if you haven't played AHiT, check it out! :)

Hi WifuWaffle! There are two causes which might be the issue - one is that the framerate doesn't run super fast in some browsers, so you can definitely try it in another or download the PICO-8 version (if you're willing to spend $15 on the PICO-8 Fantasy Console). There's also a chance that your jumps aren't working when you run off a cliff because I didn't program coyote time into the physics here. My future games will all have coyote time though, so that will help in the future!

Thanks for giving the game a shot. :)

I respect your opinion :P

Thanks for playing, TheRedVirus! :)

Thanks for playing, SandwichBlamwich! Always nice to hear positive feedback. :)

Thanks for playing, sans! :)

Thanks cactus head! :)

Thanks THE0R! I always love adding color palette options (cause I loved how they handled that in Downwell) and I feel like most people don't explore the options! Glad you appreciated that touch. :)

Thanks SmileStudios! Glad you had fun. :)

Thanks for playing, RetroBoi128! :)

Thanks RetroBoi128! :)

Thanks for playing, Turbo! :)

I thought they'd taste like snowballs, but warm milk works too!

Thanks Turbo! Appreciate you playing it again, Waddleball is a bit of a gag game but I still feel like it doesn't get enough love sometimes. :)

Ha, I'm glad somebody picked up on that lil joke! Glad you had some fun with it, thanks so much for playing! :)

Made my day. Beaten it a few times and can't get enough!

🍓 x 15

🕒 00:07:25 

💀 x 38

Thanks for playing, TheBoldActionMan! That's a cool find, I bet there's lots of interesting tricks you could pull off with that!

Whew, no deaths, that's a feat! Makes me happy to know you and your friends played this together. :) That's what video games are all about to me. Thanks for playing and for the comment!

Hey, 95 ain't bad! Thanks for playing, blozheadz781!

Nice job, RiverKid! Thanks for playing. :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Hey, that's a pretty good score! Thanks for playing. :)

Hi PrincessLuna! Thanks for playing, I'm glad that you picked up on the humor! I tried my best to make it match AHiT's style of writing. :)

Hi skiscratcher! Glad you had fun with it. :)

Hi Arnav! Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback. :)

Yes, coyote time would have been a good choice - I've implemented it in later games, but didn't have the know-how back when I made AHoT. The collision issues are 100% in my code (some PICO-8 games have amazing collision), and the unresponsiveness is likely due to the game being played in-browser. Thanks for the compliments on the music and SFX, I'm still quite proud of them! :)

Hi Alli-o! Thanks so much for playing, and I'm glad you had fun! :)

As for a download, that might be something I offer in the future! For now, my PICO-8 titles are web-only.  Sorry about that!

A tournament is a really cool idea! I'm not developing Waddleball anymore since it's a few years old, but I still appreciate the feedback. :)

Hi Turbo_Time_Inc! Yeah, that seems to be the consensus with Waddleball. :P Glad that you enjoyed yourself, and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks kalilethan! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for the feedback, Blaise! Glad you had fun playing it. :)

Thanks Randy! :)

Hi Roberio! Ahh, Happy Tree Friends. I watched a bit of that in high school, but I'm too sensitive to stomach that stuff these days. :P