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Nice! :D

I won! Cool concept. <3 

Glad to host. :)

My own life is getting more normal and consistent now, so hopefully TTJ can be more predictable going forward! I feel like the level of participation is at its best with an annual schedule, so that's likely what it'll be from now on.

Glad you were able to work out a solution! :)


I'm completely astounded that this fits into a TweetTweetJam entry. I made it to level 11 before losing all my lives to a particularly nasty enemy, and honestly, if you hadn't told me that these levels were procedurally generated, I would have thought that they were hand-made, from how balanced it is. Bravo, Paul!

This was a very zen experience for me, love the feel of the controls. Great submission!

I also really enjoyed this one! I love it when a game with some level of movement and challenge is abstracted to such a simple grid. Loved it! :)

What a simple yet challenging concept! Great work! :)

Nice work! I think my favourite thing from this year's TweetTweetJam is the variety of engines being used. So cool to see you tackle the challenge using pygame. :)

I wish I could play this, but I'm running a Mac! Thanks for submitting though, and I hope you had fun participating. :)

Cool submission! It's been fun seeing some Unity entries this year, and it's pretty amazing that you're able to make something in Unity with so few characters. I also made a power management game back in the day, so I know that balancing is a real challenge in this genre!

Whew, I made it by the skin of my teeth! Great little idea, I felt like I went on a tiny adventure! :)

I haven't been able to get very far but I love the idea of flooding the screen with multi-colored numbers to create static. Nice work!

Nice! Looking forward to it. :)

Thanks for participating Camicus27! :D

There's a youtuber under the name Eggnog Games, but I'm pretty sure I had the name first. :P

Not really! I've only used YouTube for my games once, when I did a trailer for Super Star Duck. But I haven't really explored video content much, since I honestly LOATHE video editing. One of my least favourite things to do. Why do you ask?

Great work! Really cool to see what's possible with different engine. :)

I would personally consider conf.lua more a part of the engine, since configuration just sets the stage for actual game code. Either way, it's up to you - set your rules according to what you think makes sense within the constraints of the jam!

Woohoo, nice work! :)

It's not an inconvenience, it's a valid question! Hope you have fun participating. :)

If you're using Godot, you can apply the engine's basic shapes to your kinematicbody, such as a circle or rectangle (or sphere / cube if you're working in 3d), and apply flat colors to them accordingly. You can use the GUI for your development, but the code in your scripts cannot be longer than 500 characters, and you're not permitted to import sprite sheets or assets. Does that all make sense?

Basically anything Chat GPT spits up can be found through extensive Google searching, right? If it gets you where you're going, saves you a bunch of time, and doesn't make you feel like your own creative work has been negated, then I don't see why it should be disallowed!

Winning or losing TweetTweetJam is subjective, and how you get over the finish line is up to you. If you feel that using Chat GPT doesn't break the boundaries you've set for yourself, then go ahead! It's on you to decide. :) 

I guessed the right word on my first guess! Thought it had glitched but it was an actual answer, turns out! The second one was tougher. Great work. :)

Nice submission! Missile defender games are so perfect for TweetTweetJam, I can't believe I haven't seen more of them!

Nice to see some QBasic representation! Also, as someone who has  previously released a game called U Dead, I love your game over message.

Got 34 before they finally got me. Great concept, I had a lot of fun!

Got 118 on my first try, 149 on my second, and 153 on my third! Had a lot of fun, great work!

Yep! Use whichever library or engine you like. :)

The jam's constraints are basically: no imports. So no music imports, no sprite imports. If you use a tool within the code to create a sprite that isn't imported, that's fair game! Make sense?

Code can be spread between multiple files if you'd like!

Go ahead and use any built-in Unity shapes! Sound and music are a no-go, unless they're generated by code.

I agree that soundless games can be a bit boring; that's why I usually build on my entry after TweetTweetJam is done! So get the core game done within the constraints, then revisit it after the jam and add any bells and whistles you like!

PICO-8 devs use symbols all the time for this jam, and at their heart, emojis are basically the same thing. So I don't see why not! If you can find a way to import them using code only, without using them as sprites, then go right ahead!

Definitely go ahead and use Godot, if you can make it work! 

That sounds reasonable to me! If the total doesn't add up to more than 500, I don't see why not!