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Hey, 94 deaths isn't bad at all! Thanks for playing. :)

Hi Rom! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks Mairy_Fairy! Glad you had fun. :)

Only 24 deaths? Nice job!

Hi WitcherQueen! Not entirely sure what you mean by this comment - are you having trouble downloading the game?

Hi ZakariaGhorfati! Thanks so much for including my game in your list, I really appreciate it! :)

Thanks so much for playing, and for the feedback, RetsaGames!

Hi everyone! I released my game Super Star Duck: Escape from Nefarious Castle on Itch this morning. It's an arcade-style platformer in the vein of Nuts & Milk or Bubble Bobble, with a few playable characters and a light storyline. I also released a novella alongside it, if you'd like to dig deeper into the story!

Download the game for free on Itch
Check out the book on Amazon

Let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoy it. :)

Thanks so much for playing, FlowRick! Glad you had fun. :)

Hi LeafRated! Thank so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback as well. I've added a downloadable zip with executables for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so if you'd like to download the game, you can go right ahead! :)

Hi WitcherQueen! If you’d like to play the game on Mac or PC, just click ‘Download Now’ and set your price as $0. You’ll then get a download link with the game! :)

Hi Wilker! Glad you enjoyed the game. You're right about the respawn delay, 100%. The game does indeed run better in the PICO-8 app, which you can buy directly from Lexaloffle. It's worth buying if you enjoy PICO-8 games, since it's really fun to browse and find new stuff from inside the app. Thanks again for playing!

Wow, congrats on getting PICO-8! It's tough but fun learning the basics of programming. If you have any trouble, be sure to consult the user manual or post questions on the forums. I started gamedev in 2017 using PICO-8 and people are super helpful if you research things first and ask nicely. :)

Hey IamHaPPy! I'm now removing the PICO1K jam version since I don't want two versions of the same game on my Itch page. However, I've added Classic Mode to this version of U Dead so you can still play it. Just press up or down on the title screen to switch modes!

Thanks so much for playing, gamefive! :)

Thanks for the feedback Itpitt! The prototype for U Dead came from a game jam with really tight restraints, which is why the gameplay and visuals are so minimalistic. So I guess that's what worked for me - force yourself to quickly build something tiny, then give yourself time to polish it!

Thanks again for playing. :)

You make a good point! I took it down so there wouldn’t be two versions of the game on my Itch page. I’ve added it back so you can play it as it was!

In the future, I’ll update this version so it has a ‘classic mode’, then I’ll take down the old one. :)

Thanks Troypicol! :D

pls do not

So, so glad that you're enjoying it, Ahmed! :) 

No, I didn't try to market it on Steam. I initially planned that if it got some traction on Itch, maybe I'd give it a shot at a Steam release, but alas, that wasn't the case.

Hey Ahmed! I know this is about two years too late, but I've made a .love version of Leaving the Tree available if you're still interested!

Hey everyone!

I just made my game Leaving the Tree free to download. It was $10 on Itch for a couple years, but I'd like more people to play it since it's a game very dear to my heart. So I guess we can call this an official re-release! It has 25 levels, an unlockable hard mode, original music and pixel art, and a bunch of cheat codes, which are compiled in a list below. I sincerely hope some of you will take a chance on my little labor of love. :)


Leaving the Tree is a tough pixel-platformer, starring * YOU * as a tiny seed leaving your tree for the first time. Wall-jump your way through 25 single-screen levels, dodging sharp spikes, hungry birds and vanishing platforms in your quest to put down roots of your own!

Check out the Itch page!

Leaving the Tree Screenshots

Leaving the Tree Screenshots

Leaving the Tree Cheat Codes

Cheat codes for Leaving the Tree

I absolutely LOVE Celeste and Celeste Classic, so that really made my day to hear. Glad you had fun with it, PugBoyHayden. :)

Thanks so much for playing, PowerDuDe! Really appreciate the detailed feedback. :)

Thanks for playing, Joshua7689! Yeah, the controls aren't at 100% on this project. Sorry they were a hassle for you. Appreciate the feedback! :)

Hi RaZere! Sorry the controls didn't hit the spot for you - they could definitely use some coyote time for more forgiving jumps, and a little pause after a death. Thanks for playing. :) 

Hey, that's not bad at all! Getting all the time pieces and getting through is a valiant effort, I'm so glad that you had fun! :)

I used PICO-8,  a lil game engine which is actually quite simple to learn! It uses Lua, which is a very beginner-friendly language compared to actual 8-bit systems. You can get it for $15 USD at if you're interested! :)

Thanks for playing, ytmroper! :)

Hey, you had the courtesy to play my game and leave me a comment, it's the least I can do! Thanks again :)

Thanks Hat Kid! :)