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Thanks HAndLol! :) Glad you liked it.

Hi Jemmiedodger!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad that people are finding Maze Dog to be fairly balanced - I had to rework the snack system a few times to make sure that people felt like they were being rewarded for exploring. Thanks for playing! :)

Well, thanks for saying so! I'm working hard on it every day, so hopefully each game will be better than the last. Thanks again for playing! :)

Thanks Xandur! :D

Thanks for the review, Jupiter! :)

Thanks frodewin! :)

Thanks for playing, Jupiter! :)

Hi Owlor! Yes, the player is only supposed to be able to move up and down. As I'd never programmed a player-character with free movement, I figured it would be easier to simply deal with a character who can move vertically, and keep the weapon direction vertical as well. Thanks for playing!

Love it! I appreciate that you wrote a little backstory on the pilot. Congrats on making your first game! :)