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Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks chris24xd! :) Glad you had fun.

That's great! Thanks for checking out TweetTweetJam, Jupiter! There's such a high volume of games that sometimes it's easy to overlook each individual one. :)

I forgot that we did this last year! I might deobfuscate my code for Tower Hop and post it here, just cause I want to make a full version of that game.

Thanks CureLovelyWarrior! Glad you had fun playing. :)

The rules aren’t entirely stringent, but the key is that you should be able to fit the entirety of your game code into two tweets. This jam started on PICO-8, which has some special Lua functions and libraries, so if you need to stretch the rules a bit in JS, that’s fine too! Just follow your conscience!

Hmm, that's a question ... let's say that it's allowed. :P

Hi Tony! Absolutely, use whatever engine you like! As long as your code is <=560 characters, and you aren't using any art assets, you're good to go! :)

Thanks CatmasterItch! Thanks for playing. :)

Hi Coal_boy! Sorry to hear that you're getting an error. I've noticed that if the game's delta time is set for a particularly slow computer, sometimes the game's logic jumps past sprites entirely and searches for quads that don't exist. I did my best to avoid this issue on most computers, but apparently the bug still exists!

Are you running the game on a relatively new computer, in a commonly-used browser like Firefox or Chrome?

Always love your playthroughs, Mikey. Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks drawguppycat! :)

13 ain’t bad! Thanks for giving it a try, NLB! :)

Thanks mariusmopar! :)

I've always wanted to make an infinite cake-generating simulator, and this is the closest I've come. :)

Thanks ferraz! :)

Hi Claus! My biggest inspirations for game music come from the Game Boy era, so that's a real compliment for me. :) The level timer is indeed a little tight - it's supposed to put the pressure on you to get back to the door, and force you to decide between diamonds and surviving the level, but I suppose I could have made it a second or two longer. :P

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks Hugh! :)

I feel like there's a ton of potential in these mechanics when combined with puzzle gameplay or two-player battle situations. The random level generation was honestly just something I'd wanted to try for a while, but it would have been good to incorporate more gameplay elements into the random generation. Thanks for the play, I always appreciate your feedback! :)

Thanks Paul! :)

No worries, I was happy to host! Definitely going to do it again. :)

And here's the obfuscated code:

for i=1,5 do
if(i>1 and i<5)add(f,{x=j+o(q)-q/2,y=k+o(q)-q/2,r=8})
end::_::cls()if t(5) then
if(d<6.28)d+=.1else d=0
if t(2) then
if(p<5)p+=1else p=1
x+=s*xd y+=s*yd s*=.7
for v in all(e) do
for v in all(f) do
if(pget(x,y)==0)goto z
flip()goto _

I de-obfuscated my code for Putt, in case anybody is interested. Planning to make this into a proper lil PicoPutt game, but gonna need to spend a LOT of time polishing it.

function _init()

function _update()

function _draw()

-- levelgen

function spawn_level()
 for i=1,5 do
-- make grass and sand
     if i>1 and
                 i<5 then
-- make player and hole
     if i==1 then
     elseif i==5 then

-- draw functions

function draw_bg()
    for v in all(grass) do
 for v in all(sand) do
-- hole
--    power bar
 print(p.p,63,6,0) end

-- player

function draw_player()

function move_player()
-- set angle of shot
 if btnp(5) then
     if p.a<6.28 then
         p.a+=.1 else p.a=0
-- set shot power
    if btnp(2) then
        if p.p<5 then
            p.p+=1 else
-- shoot
    if btnp(4) then
-- move ball, apply deceleration

function collision()
-- hole/border pixel collision
 if pget(p.x,p.y)==0 then
-- sand trap collision
    if pget(p.x,p.y)==4 then

Another playground classic. I feel like this gameplay would translate well to online play. 

Ha, I always love a quick-draw game. No matter how advanced or simple the graphics are, the gameplay is always the same. And it's always fun. :)

A shmup / breakout game fully explored would be sooooo awesome. Glad you had time to submit an entry! :)

Nice integration of mouse controls - I hadn't even considered doing a mouse-controlled game for the jam! Plays nicely and looks great!

Fun avoidance game! Nice to see a Gamemaker entry in the jam! :)

Hooray, I got it! Really an awesome concept for a game! I'd play a full mobile game of puzzles like this.

Got 316! Nice relaxing pace, and great use of a simple vector aesthetic!

A masterpiece. :P

Ha, I wouldn't have noticed the character combination for your ship without seeing Tom's comment! Impressive that you got some music into this, it's the first entry I've tried with sound!

Lovely! Impressive that you fit this level of visual detail into a TweetTweetJam entry!

It took me a while to figure out the game - never played it before! Really nicely laid out though, considering the limitations. And a nice clear, well-laid-out interface.

I loved Impossible Road! This looks a surprising amount like it, considering the limitations. I'm surprised that the path isn't random, it appears to be the same each time! Really amazing that you fit this into 560 chars!

79 is my best score so far! And yeah, I'll repeat everyone else's reaction. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE

This runs really well for a 560-char game! Took me 48 turns to finish, which is typical for me in a memory game. :P Great job!

I got 1500! Fun concept!

Wow, can't believe you fit this in 560 chars! It's a really cool concept - a painting program which requires you to collect the paint from the world, and arrange it accordingly. Great concept, and great execution!