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A tournament is a really cool idea! I'm not developing Waddleball anymore since it's a few years old, but I still appreciate the feedback. :)

Hi Turbo_Time_Inc! Yeah, that seems to be the consensus with Waddleball. :P Glad that you enjoyed yourself, and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks kalilethan! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for the feedback, Blaise! Glad you had fun playing it. :)

Thanks Randy! :)

Hi Roberio! Ahh, Happy Tree Friends. I watched a bit of that in high school, but I'm too sensitive to stomach that stuff these days. :P

Thanks, RedSwan! :)

Thanks quaggy! :)

Hi Exp1osiveGaming! You’re certainly right about the cool-down time. I made sure to add that when I made Leaving the Tree, since so many people mentioned it when playing AHoT. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback! :)

Hi Midnight Oil! I’d recommend paring down, since the aim of the jam is to fit the game into two tweets!

I love this. So. Much.

Hi Paul! As gerwazy said, it's fairly easy in PICO-8 using the shift key, but I'm not sure about TIC-80! One thing that I've done in the past is combined letters to create images. So, you could combine an O and an M, and stack them on top of each other to mimic a glyph. Might be the only way to go if TIC-80 doesn't support them!

Hi Ryuzaki! That should be just fine. The key here is that you set some ground rules as a challenge for yourself, and stick with them the best that you can! We're not going to be sticklers if you stretch the rules a little bit. :)

Hi ooohno! It's best to follow your heart on these rules in this situation. If your compiler is just doing typical engine work, it shouldn't be a problem. If it's handling the bulk of your game code, it might not be the best route. There are no prizes for TweetTweetJam, so you definitely won't get disqualified for stretching the rules, so do what works best for you!

Hi Morris! There's no need to create art for this jam, since spritesheets aren't permitted. Often, people will draw a rectangle or circle to the screen to represent players, but there is rarely pixel art / sprite art used for TweetTweetJam!

Hey Jim! Yes, you're right about that. We don't allow spritesheets in the traditional sense, but if you can poke in some sprite art from the code, that's just fine! :)

Hi OsmineeNitro! I'm not sure what the syntax is in TIC-80, but in PICO-8, you can skip the spritesheet altogether and use pset(x,y,c) to set a single pixel on the screen at x,y at the color c. The jam doesn't allow sprites, but you can use any character glyphs allowed within your engine.

Hi Riley! This is a tricky question to answer, since when we talk about game engines like PICO-8 and TIC-80, they're running a huge amount of code behind the scenes as well.  For instance, calling print("Hello World") in PICO-8 is technically 20 characters, but there's a ton of engine code behind the scenes making it possible for the command to actually do anything! But if we counted engine code toward the count, well, this jam wouldn't exist!

If I had to take a hard line on it, I'd say that if you have to write the code to make the game work, it counts toward your character count. Anything that your engine's built-in functions handle behind-the-scenes doesn't count toward the total. Does that make sense?

TweetTweetJam is a really chill jam, so we're not going to disqualify you or anything for making your own choices. But the point of the jam is to scale back and make your game code fit into two tweets. If you can't copy and paste your game code into two tweets (560 chars), then it's not technically within the scope of the jam. Hopefully this helps!

Hi JimOfLeisure! Yes, you can absolutely submit more than one game for TweetTweetJam! Most of us submit at least two, since they're so quick to make. Hope to see a game from you! :)

Not a silly question at all! Since new lines count as a character in a tweet, yes, they count toward your character count!

Hi ramgos! The best place to look for that information would likely be the TIC-80 Wiki, perhaps in the 'Available Commands' section. If you're just starting out with a new engine, it's good to read the documentation first to make sure you have a grasp on the commands at your disposal!

Hi MorrisElHelou! It's 560 characters of code, so the amount of code that can fit in two tweets. We recommend using PICO-8 or TIC-80 for this jam, since you can get started with very little code. You can also check out this curated list of fantasy consoles to use a different program, if you'd like!

For instance, here's an example I made a year ago:

function e()return flr(rnd(13))*8+7
function o()l={}c={}m,p,t=-9,e(),9+n
for i=1,n*3 do
for v in all(l) do
for v in all(c) do
if(v.x==x-2 and v.y==y)u+=1del(c,v)
?"★"..u.." ⧗"..ceil(t),1,118
if(t>0)t-=.03flip()goto _ else goto z

Hi Nathan! I got a huge kick out of this! :) it’s definitely not a traditional typing game, and it was hilarious to watch you figuring out some of the tricks. Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for making a video! :)

Hi Popping Boba! I've uploaded a browser version, so hopefully this works for you! If it doesn't, you may need to find a PC or Mac to play on, because I don't have a Chromebook to test on! Hope you like it. :)

Thanks Popping_Boba! :)

That would be the hope! Then you’d just be able to play on the internet, instead of having to download anything!

You might be out of luck for the moment on a Chromebook, but I'm hoping to get a browser version up and running within a week or two! I'll message you when that version is up! Otherwise, if you have access to a Mac or PC, I've added launch instructions to the game description above. :)

Hi Popping_Boba! Are you running Windows or Mac?

Hi again R2Cris! I've made those adjustments to the Windows build, so if you re-download, all icons seem to be proper now! :) Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi R2Cris! I’ll take a look into those adjustments! I’m planning to do web releases soon as well, so there might be a few adjustments that happen before the second release. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

Hi Peter! I’m glad you had a good time with Maze Dog! :) Thanks for playing.

Hi blozheadz781, thanks for playing! :) 100 deaths isn't too bad, considering how quickly you can die in this game. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate hearing when people play my games!

Hi AfroScribble! Thanks for playing. :) The collision was written for a quick game jam, so I'll admit that it's pretty loose. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice job BouncyBaltoy! And thanks for playing! :)

Hi Spooder! Thanks for playing, and thanks for the kind words. :)

Yeah, in hindsight the controls are pretty unforgiving! It was a quick jam game so I think I can forgive myself for that, but I’m glad you pushed through! 😊

Not bad at all! ;) Thanks for playing.

Hi Lykaiast! TweetTweetJam is a free-theme jam. So as long as you stay within the code character limit, you can make a game about whatever you want! :)

HTF? What’s that?