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anyone wanna team up

A topic by jedthei created May 01, 2020 Views: 128 Replies: 9
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im just bored doing this for fun so if anyone wants to team with me just ping me on discord at JEDTHEI#2431


I can bit I wanna see if you use Godot game engine because I am making a nice game let me see if have experience and you can help if you dont then watch how to make a game using Godot by GDquest because Godot uses it's own programming language called GDscript which is so easy to understand if you understand the lesson then you can help me GDscript is like javascript and python but easier

I have send you a friend request on discord

oh i use unity

its ok because I kinda feel like c# Is hard I have unity but I want to use godot because it is easier and what age are you I am 12 years old


im 12 to

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Can I temmate with you? I'm 15 years old, I use Unity


I send you Discord friend request

btw I'm 13yo


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wait what's your nick btw?