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Game Translator Back Again

A topic by Nekomancer996 created 68 days ago Views: 183 Replies: 6
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Hi everyone,

Finally I'm back. I posted something here months ago.

Now I just founded my own company (so I can be more trustworthy) in China, mainly focused on translating indie games and providing possible language services (Chinese, Korean, Japanese). Sadly our website has yet to finish. I'm kinda building it on my own... 

Also I have been looking for reliable mobile and pc game publishers  and finding ways to make games accessible to players in other countries. We and our partners are looking for indie games with great potential.

If you want to know more about game translation or have an inquiry on cooperation, please dm me or reach me at

Hope you all stay healthy. Best regards to you.

you may want to have a professional website and email, you also need to find a way to let customers pay because paypal is kinda more like personal and paypal business plans are bad. Having a gmail then saying dm kinda doesnt help get people.

Thank you. Will update when I get these things done.

Nice to see you back! Wish we could send you some kind of concrete proposal but doing too much with too little time at the moment. Hopefully sometime we'll get to work with you!

 Been waiting for a chance to work with you buddy. Take good care of yourself.

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Thank you for posting something like this dqfansurvey

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I'm native Spanish translator, I can help you to reach spanish speaking gamers.