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Cyberpunk Adventure / Visual Novel · By silverspook

Neofeud Linux Version!

A topic by silverspook created Mar 31, 2017 Views: 422 Replies: 12
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So, I am in the process of working on a version of Neofeud for Linux. If anyone is interested in this, please let me know!

I tried the 1.1 beta and it seems to have the same problem as the latest AGS from git I tried - there is this unpleasant mouse stutter which makes it barely playable. So I tried the git AGS with Primordia and the same problem is there too. Btw, I use CentOS 7.

I'm running the 1.2 version in wine w/o problems, but not misbehaving native binary would be great. ;)


Sorry about that, I have not heard of the mouse stutter issue yet, although I know that the mouse movement may be slow. You can change the mouse speed in acsetup.cfg in the "Data" folder.  The mouse stutter seems to be something within the AGS engine. If the AGS engine developers add a fix for the stutter, I'll  try to get a new build of Neofeud with the fix up.  

Thanks for trying Neofeud though!

Yes, probably AGS general problem. I honestly didn't do much search of reported bugs, since wine takes care of it perfectly and I just wanted to play. :D

So far, it's quite nice and I like the atmosphere a lot. Music in the office especially is nicely BRish, lovely. Well, the whole artistic side is simply great. You know, it's always easy to see if the stuff received some sincere love, as Neofeud does show.

I may not have too much myself, but I gladly pay for this. I played for few hours and just got to the "Creator's" somewhat immobile shell problem and so far, it's been a nice ride. Plus, and I should emphasize that, NO pixel hunting. That always brings the whole experience down, for me at least.

Ok, maybe the Arcade vent thing was a bit tedious, but that's ok, it just takes some little practice. OTOH, that action part also reminded me a bit about old Tex, cool. ;)


Thanks Infen for the kind feedback! I'm glad that you're liking the game. It was indeed a labor of love, sometimes too much love as I spent many 12-16 hour days working on this game over the past 2 years!

I'm also glad that you didn't get stuck with pixel hunting. I also really don't like it when you get stuck and thrown out of the game world to solve a puzzle that is mostly just frustrating. I'm also happy you made it through the arcade shooting section without too much trouble!

Thanks again for the response and for buying Neofeud!

I just finished the game and whoa, it was seriously great fun for me! Smooth progress and the overall coherence with those lovely artistic visuals was something that many games simply miss.  Thank you for this, as the hard work put to it is apparent. I'm looking forward to see some new game you possibly make in the future. ;)

Aaah, there IS something in works! Ok, gonna try it! ;)


Thanks! Yeah there is Dysmaton, which I'm currently working on. :)

If you know anyone who might be interested in Neofeud, do let them know it's coming to Steam September 19, as me finishing the next game will depend on how well Neofeud does! Thanks. :)

Thank you for putting the Linux beta up on Itch. Will buy next pay cheque !


No problem! Thanks for testing the Linux version out and bringing in folks to test as well (I believe that was you on Steam if i'm not mistaken). 

That was me ! I think it was a good experience all around.

I was following the linux thread on steam and finally got some money to buy it here.

I'm having trouble with starting the game through the itch app.

It give the error message:

An error occurred while launching Neofeud

application crashed. process exited with code 127

If I start it from a terminal it seems to run OK.

I like your game. I've been looking forward to getting the proper version since I played the demo linked on Steam.

Thanks for supporting Linux! And thanks for making games like this.


Hi cambot, thanks for trying and getting Neofeud.  

Thanks also for that error report. And I'm glad that you got it to run OK.

As long as enough folks like you support and buy these types of games, I will be making them! :)