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No. I don't use MacOs anymore.

I am doing fine. How are you?


I can imagine Leprechaun making a creepy face.

That was a point: I made the game to trick its player. Or realistically, your character were in a situation where their over-confidence only lead to their failure.

The beet looked cute.

Little puppy going on a mass murder spree and call it an adventure. And these grasses are hypnotizing me.

Very promising mechanic.

That was fun.

this is like DOOM but enemies were made out of clays. I am not sure if claymation was your choice of the game's main aesthetic. I liked it, but my only downside is that it doesn't have a Linux port.

This is flat-out perfect.

I really love the sprite animation.

Is it wrong to admit that I played while picking my nose? I better wash my hand. Overall - it's well made.

I enjoyed it. Like, I was amused by the absurdity of its premise and South Park-like art style.

Candyland meets She-Ra! I love the character design in this game but the control is clunky for me. Overall, really nice game.

Really nice Le Petit Prince fan game. But I will admit that the fonts are rather hard to read.

Another simulation game! It would be engaging if there is an upbeat music in the background. Overall, very ambitious game for a game jam.

Reminds of The Sims series where the character just behave on their own say unless you command them to do something. Overall, very unique game, with pretty visuals. I like it.

A decent shooter with nice-looking sprites. Kinda wish there are challenges along the way - like make a duck fight with super snail or something like that.

Seriously, I kept falling off those small things in mid-air. It's so slippery. Overall, very impressive game. It very much felt like a professionally made one.

I had a hard time skipping through intro part, but overall I was impressed with the game.

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Too short, but I just that's the point. The sudden change of control actually made me continue to play it. I will check out Hart's music soon.

I like it. I love how the game's aesthetic, the theme, and the gameplay match together very well.  

F**king birds!

Overall, I liked it.

Fun platform shooter. Really reminds me of Iji.

Very impressive how you made a digital board game.

Great game. The animation, the control, and the movements are smooth. I enjoyed playing it.

Protect a planet from approaching cocoa puffs!

It felt too short, but it still has that unique mechanic.

Great art style, challenging gameplay, but clunky control.

the wall thing is the only puzzle in this game.

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Thanks for the feedback! I intentionally made this game hard in order to keep the player spent much in-game time (being inspired from older adventure games that don't give much hints to the player). It seems like it backfired.

This one is a lot more challenging. I like it.

it's a cute game.

nice animation

Not sure what can I do  with the blue space.

Very simply made Unity game.

Great art-style and simplistic game-play.

Very simple shooter.