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Any plans to bring the Linux version to itch.io ? I see Steam got it but not here.

Why is there no DRM free version of Linux listed ? Windows and OS X gets DRM free but not Linux ?

I see Steam has a Linux version, are there any plans to bring the Linux version to Itch.io ?

That was me ! I think it was a good experience all around.

Created a new topic Full Version

Will the full version be available on Itch as well or just Steam ?

Thank you for putting the Linux beta up on Itch. Will buy next pay cheque !

Created a new topic Linux Demo

Are there any plans for a Linux version of the demo ?

Created a new topic Linux Version

I see Steam has a Linux version. Are there any plans to bring that to Itch ?

No worries, i'm a patient person. Thanks for the reply.

Will the full game be available on Itch.io DRM free  once it is released ?

You may want to update the main page on Itch. It still says "In Development".

I thought the game was ok but could have had more dialogue choices and also the ending felt rushed and came out of nowhere. Overall decent though.

Are there still plans to add the Linux version to itch.io ?

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I see that on Steam there is a Linux version of Maze Sounds available. Are there any plans to bring the Linux version to Itch.io so that there was a DRM free option for it ?

I enjoyed the demo. There are some spelling mistakes in it but those are easy enought o fix.

  • Did you enjoy it overall? What did you like the most in the demo ?

Yes I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the constant input, I prefer there to be a lot of choices.

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

Erika, she seemed interesting and mysterious.

  • Who is your least favorite character and why?

Matt but I think I was supposed to dislike him. Found him arrogant.

  • What do you think of the protagonist ? Can you relate to her ?

I can relate to her. I found her strong without being preachy.

  • What is your opinion of the artwork?

I'm no critic or expert but I thought it was good and on par with other visual novels.

  • What do you think of the story so far?

I found it interesting. Some demos give too much away but yours kept me interested.

  • Was it something that bothered you about the game?

No, nothing at all bothered me.

  • Did you find any typos or spelling mistakes?

There were a few, mainly typos. For a non native English speaker I think you did well.

  • What would you say needs the most improvement?

I didn't really come away with any negatives, maybe fix the typos.

  • Do you think you'll play the finished game once it's released?

I certainly hope to.

  • What would you be willing to pay for the full game ? ( I don't know yet if it will be pay what you want or commercial. )

I would prefer to pay you for it. I would easily pay $20 but could be persuaded for $30 if the story is good.

  • Any other comments?

Keep up the good work.

Why are we still waiting for the Linux version of episode one to be released to Itch ?