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Are there any plans for a Linux version of Detect Occult ?

I'll get Phil to make up a build this evening for you :D!

Thank you very much. I was only expecting you to consider it so that's much better than expected !

Hey PublicNuisance, sorry it took so long but Linux support has been added :) Hope you enjoy!


No worries at all. I have had some developers take months to make a Linux version so two weeks is great by comparison. I purchased a copy right away. Thanks for the prompt service !

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oh you didn't have to buy , but thank you so much! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed it!


I know I didn't have to but I always figure if someone went through the effort to make the game then it is worth something. If somebody didn't have the emans to give anything then that's fine to but I do so I did.  I will !

It's very much appreciated :)