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Can Butler upload an EXE file? Keep getting "Not a valid Zip File" error

A topic by ripened peach created Mar 31, 2017 Views: 307 Replies: 2
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I'm using Butler for the first time to push this latest build, but I keep getting an error:

*errors.errorString zip: not a valid zip file

My file is an exe. Can I upload that with Butler? Here's my command:

butler push --userversion=1.056 D:\\FLSM_setup.exe ripenedpeach/future-love-space-machine:win32-final

Thanks for any help!


Uploading a portable version (just a zip) is much preferred, as this lets butler create patches to upgrade between versions without redownloading the whole game - please consider doing that instead!

If you really want to upload just an .exe, put it in a folder of its own and pass this folder to butler. (But, again, it's much better to just upload the a folder with the unextracted game).

My game has an installer setup file that adds things to the registry, etc. so it can't just be packed into a zip file. I'll try the folder idea next time I upload, thanks!