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Taking a closer look at the errors you posted, I'm going to guess that you're using an integrated Intel graphics card, which typically is not powerful enough for some games. I'll take a closer look though if you can send the output log.

Do you have an NVidia or other graphics card in your computer? If you DO have a better graphics card, please see this page for info on how to set FLSM (and other games) to use the better gaming card when launched:

I'm currently working on a patch to try to make it work with Intel cards, so if you want to wait a day or so (or maybe even later today) then I hope to have that ready.

Thanks for your patience!

When you are on the main screen, does the version say "1.059.031"? If not, then it's not the newest version. If you could send me an output log that would be great.

To send an output_log: Please open Windows Explorer and find the location where you installed FLSM, which should be the "steamapps/common/FLSM" folder. Next, find the folder inside that location called "FLSM_Data" and double click to enter it. Inside that folder you will find a file named "output_log.txt" or simply "output_log" on some computer setups. If you could attach that file to your reply to this email, I will take a look.

Excellent, thanks for bearing with us. :)

We're uploading a new build right now, so please try that in an hour or so. It fixes the load problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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The game uses an installer which is why it doesn't work with the itch launcher. When we first put it on itch that launcher wasn't available. But... we are working on making it work with it and hope to figure that out soon (it's not as straightforward as the Steam launcher).

To update the game, just download the free download from the itch page. That's it. The full download of the "core" game is the updated version. Once we get it all set up with the itch launcher then the patches will be smaller, but for now it is a full download.

If you've already installed the Extra Goodies to unlock the full version then there's no need to reinstall them.

If itch is not seeing that you purchased, then I'm not sure why that is. When you go to this page, do you see your download links for the game?

The 1.058.03 was a typo, yes. I just fixed it, thanks!

This update is on Steam, yes.

Yup, if you've got the Steam version it will update (as long as you have autoupdate turned on in Steam, that is). If you've got the non-Steam version then the game will inform you of when the update is ready, or you'll get notified by the place where you bought the game.

thank you, jdragondawn! :)

I'd tried all of that except the anti-virus software, so I just turned that off (I'm using ESET, btw) and boom! That worked. Thank you!

I'm running this as administrator on Windows 10/64 and it just ends up with a blank screen after choosing to load a project or start a new one. After it sitting blank for a while, if I click on the screen Windows pops up with a box asking if I want to close the program or wait. 

I've tried it with compatibility mode for Windows 7, and still get the same problem. I have 16GB RAM and I'm using a GeForce 1070 video card.

Anyone else have problems like this? I'd love to play around with this engine.


We come from the old days of game development (I started as a game dev in 1994) where updates were something that were needed if there was a patch or major addition, but they weren't expected. It's taken us a while to understand that over the past few years people have become accustomed to continuous updates, and they expect updates pretty much all the time, pretty much indefinitely. As you said, people "need" updates, which is honestly an odd thought to me, but hey, that's where things are now so it's up to us to keep up. We're learning, and we're trying.

There are only two of us here working on this, and as creators we are also interested in making more games than just one that we work on forever. With that said, it's become clear that people want updates even if there's nothing to update, so we are keeping that in mind and hope to do better in the future.

There is no random generator in the Character Editor, although it is something I would possibly like to program in sometime in the future.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)

Awesome, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it. :)

We'll try to do better with updates in the future. Hope you enjoy what we've got so far, though. Thanks for your comment. :)

I would like to connect to my Patreon account, but every time I try I get the following error:

We had some trouble connecting your account

  • failed api request POST oauth2/token 405: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN"> <title>405 Method Not Allowed</title> <h1>Method Not Allowed</h1> <p>The method is not allowed for the requested URL.</p>

Any ideas?

Hi everyone,

If you have any questions about FLSM this is the place to ask.


~ Giselle and ViV

Any news on this? Will there be a way for affiliates to get paid out any time soon? We've got a new game we're working on and our partner is very interested in using affiliates. We'd like to stick with itch most definitely, but it would be super great to have a working affiliate system in place.

Awesome, thanks Leaf!

Our download count at the top of the dashboard has read 100k for a few weeks now (that I've noticed). It seems to be stuck there even though we keep getting sales. Is 100k as high as that counter will go?

Cool, thanks, Leaf!

Ok, thanks!

A customer just wrote and said it was illegal for us to not have text telling how a purchase shows on their payment statement. Not sure if that's totally true, but it got me looking, and I can't find anything about it. Anyone know how purchases on itch show up on billing statements?

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I want to remove the "extras" for my game from being purchasable for a while. If I click the "hide this file and prevent it from being downloaded", I assume it will hide it from the main game's page, but it won't hide it from a user's download page if they purchased it before I hid it. Is that correct?

Born and raised JW here, and I left when I was 17. Played your whole game through, and I liked it. Thank you. :)

My game has an installer setup file that adds things to the registry, etc. so it can't just be packed into a zip file. I'll try the folder idea next time I upload, thanks!

I'm using Butler for the first time to push this latest build, but I keep getting an error:

*errors.errorString zip: not a valid zip file

My file is an exe. Can I upload that with Butler? Here's my command:

butler push --userversion=1.056 D:\\FLSM_setup.exe ripenedpeach/future-love-space-machine:win32-final

Thanks for any help!

Yes, you'll get all future updates that are part of the public release. We do occasionally offer "extra boost fund-raising" items like characters (Rei, Cali Cali, etc.), poses, and things like that which are not part of the public release versions. Patreon patrons also sometimes get extras which aren't part of the public release. In general, though, pretty much everything we add will be in public updates that you'll get for your one-time purchase.

We originally planned to do FLSM in the same way as Sex Sim, with a free game and purchasable content, but changed the focus soon after first release as the way we're doing it now fits our goals for the game better.

As far as the RPG mode goes, we'll be announcing details about it as soon as we're ready with something cool to show.

Hi! The screen shots thing is a bug in this version where it actually saves them to the wrong folder. It's been fixed and will be in a build coming up soon, but for now you can find your shots in the FLSM folder itself (C:\FLSM\). Sorry for the confusion.

Not sure about the "blur" since the underlying engine is the same between the free and full versions. I've added your report to our task list, though, so I'll take a look though and see if something weird might be happening there.

Great character! Glad you're having fun with the game. Thanks for your support and thanks for the report. :)

You'll be getting all future public updates, which are updates we release after new features, etc. have been added and tested. Public updates come out every three to six months. If you're interested in getting more updates more often, for testing purposes (every one to three months), then our Patreon is the way to go.

Hmmm... If you saved the character it should show up in the window. In your "C:\FLSM\FLSM_Data\" folder there should be a file called "output_log.txt". Please send an email to with the text from that file in it.

Also, if you go into your "My Documents" folder in Windows Explorer, you should see a folder called "FLSM", and inside that folder should be another folder called "Favorites". The character you saved should be in there. If you could send me that file that would help as well.

Aw, wow, thank you so much, that's awesome! Your support is super appreciated. Glad you like the game and what we've done so far. More to come soon. :)

Based on some quick research, it looks like the upper limit of RAM that DVMT can allocate as video RAM is 256MB. That's still not enough to run FLSM, as it requires a minimum of 1GB of video RAM. Did you purchase FLSM or is this just the demo version?

I'm sorry you're having troubles. What do you mean by "click on load but you get the empty window"? Which window is empty?

Sorry you're having troubles.

From the log it looks like your video card is not powerful enough (only 128MB of VRAM). It's also using integrated graphics and not a dedicated video card. Are you on a laptop? If so, do you have two video cards (many laptops do)? If so, you'll need to force your dedicated 3D video card to load for the game. It's a common issue on some laptops. How you do it depends on the laptop you're using, but If you need help with it, let me know.

Are you using the full game with the Character Editor? What happens when you try to save a character?

Sure, just "purchase" Rei or the game again but put $5.00 in the field. Then let me know you did it and I'll put you in the list for Rei when she comes out. Thanks for your support!

Hmm, I'll have to look into that further and see what's up. Have you tried installing the game from the regular game installer instead of using the itch client?

So sorry not to have responded sooner. For some reason we didn't even see this post until now. Have you been able to install the game since you wrote? Are you trying to install the free version or the full version? What happens when you install it? Do you get any error messages?

Which new pre-order stuff are you referring to? Did you purchase the game here on itch?