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Arcade Game Studio

Arcade Game Studio is a FREEWARE program for making games with the style and gameplay of the 80's arcade games. · By firecat

Blank screen then crash when new or load

A topic by ripened peach created Feb 22, 2020 Views: 447 Replies: 2
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I'm running this as administrator on Windows 10/64 and it just ends up with a blank screen after choosing to load a project or start a new one. After it sitting blank for a while, if I click on the screen Windows pops up with a box asking if I want to close the program or wait. 

I've tried it with compatibility mode for Windows 7, and still get the same problem. I have 16GB RAM and I'm using a GeForce 1070 video card.

Anyone else have problems like this? I'd love to play around with this engine.



it works in my computer windows 10/64 with Geforce 1080ti, 8gb. Is there an anti-virus software that blocked AGS? Most anti-virus software just block everything that isnt on their list, im using windows defender so this doesnt happen to me.

have you try putting everything in one folder, everything but the game files needs to be in one folder.

You did click on Arcade game studio.exe and not cabinet.exe, the cabinet.exe is for finish games


I'd tried all of that except the anti-virus software, so I just turned that off (I'm using ESET, btw) and boom! That worked. Thank you!