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Guide to how to make custom library

A topic by PsichiX created 23 days ago Views: 45 Replies: 3
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Hi! I really like this software and i would like to make some custom clothes - is there some guide about how to make a library properly set up?


Not yet as we're still finalizing some things that might change the spec of clothing templates, but in the meantime you can check the default library (or the DLC if you're looking for simpler example). Basically all clothing templates consists of SVG component files and JSON configuration files. 

thanks! should i work on nightly build then to be up to date with changes?

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Once you finalise the clothing templates, will artists be able to make custom clothing sets as paid DLC (on their own pages) without violating your terms? Same for custom eyes, ears, hair, etc.

Asking b/c that will let you concentrate on developing/improving the program while others make more art to go inside of it. The character maker is excellent, and that way you get more fashion options quickly.