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This looks cute so far!  I've seen clicker games with a "hold down" feature for clicking, which is a great accessibility feature. The hold-down clicks are timed, so it's not quite as fast as clicking, but it saves wear on your hands and on your mouse.  That would be great to have here, if not native from the beginning, perhaps as the first powerup?

Great perspective!  I like the introduction of personalities for each pig and how that ties into the story.

Hello Vahnya. This template is amazing! I hate to ask for more features on a free gift, but I noticed your social media buttons so I think you'd want to use this anyway.

Twine sugarcube has a share button that allows a dev to create a list of social media, and create something akin to an auto-post.The sugarcube reference is SugarCubeUI.share();

I've added it to your template, but I had to finagle it with just an html link b/c I don't konw javascript. It works with the old version of Twine, but not the new version that was released about a week ago. Can you incorporate this into the template itself? 

A super helpful article on how to use it is here:

Lovely! Will do!

Hello Everyone,

I finished a game about three days ago and updated it tonight for balance. I want to add some achievements and perhaps a small narrative. If I add these things in January to polish it off, can I post it to this jam? I don't plan to take it down in the meantime, just add some enhancements, so I'm not sure if you consider it "finished".

I did have the idea over a year ago, and it was the same concept in a completely different format. I changed the format and learned a new engine to make it - and I used the holidy break as a time for "finally finishing" but hopefully I can still join this :)

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you found it both educational and enjoyable.

Cute and fun!  Perfect little break to celebrate the season.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks, as well, for the comments, especially the validation for short, polished game experiences! I know longer games are the norm, but I often don't have time to play them. My Twines are a bit longer, but hopefullyl interesting enough to finish (nad still relatively short compared to other narratives).

I'll check on the object picking. Hopefully that didn't detract too much from the game.

Imani wants to know why she's different. Her family gets together to tell her why she's special.  Short, cute, free, and educational.  Click and play to find the answer to Imani's Big Question!

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Hi Josh, I love this setup! What is the license for using this in our own projects or as a basis for other things? Any restrictions? How would you like to be credited?

Also, this is so simple that I'm thinking of using it as a framework to teach children, but there are restrictions on the websites I can send them to. Would it be OK to distribute this directly to them since it has your name on it? I can include a link so the parents can follow up if they want it for their friends - I'm just not sure if I can send the kiddos here on their own.

This is incredibly cute! I was wavering between Ren'Py and another engine to make my current game, and this might be the decider. Great work! So cute!

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Thanks for playing my game and for your feedback!  I originally had a footer where you could do just that but I thought it might be confusing and difficult to know if you'd been everywhere. Based on your feedback, it seems it would be better with it, so I'll add it back in (after ratings - I don't think I can edit the game in the middle of judging).

Thanks for playing my game! I can see how it can be confusing and why you thought you were playing a different character or made a mistake ... or thought The Toaster was about bread :)

The game is based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe. In life, he was originally buried in an unmarked grave, but later someone bought him a new, elegant one.  The game is about his soul coming back to resolve some of his largest life conflicts by letting them go (symbolised by placing significant things on the pedestals in each room). After resolving all of his conflicts and placing the correct things on each pedestal, his soul can moved from the unmarked grave and go to it's new, elegant headstone where he can be at rest near his loved ones.  The pictures are of the significant people in his life at each stage (so "you" are always Poe). The Toaster is based on The Poe Toaster, a real-life fan who goes to his grave every year and leaves a bottle of wine and three roses.

Amazing list! Thank you!

Also, I have a link you may want to add:

CW: I wasn't sure whether to put one. The main character is dead, but there is no gore, no horror, nothing scary or anything like that. Considering the author it's based on, it's pretty mild.

You are a dead storyteller in an unmarked grave. You can earn your way to a celebrated rest alongside your dearest loved ones, but you must move through the stages of grief to resolve the pains of your life in order to put your soul at ease.  Luckily, a devoted fan comes to guide you.

Based on true events.

Thanks so much for submitting!!!  I need to finish mine up and submit so I'm not late to my own party!  I'll play yours as soon as mine is up :)


It's 2 days until the end! Is everyone going OK?  Do you have something to submit? Do you need another week? (I would rather have late games than no games :)  Can't wait to see what people have come up with!)

Sounds awesome! I've done the outline and structure for mine, but I need to sit myself down and get the writing done.  Hopefully I'll have time to make it pretty.

Great work! Good precursor to a roll-your-own system.

AMAZING message in this game! I love it!

A few technical difficulties:

The squirrel stayed on my screen the entire time after meeting him. I got around him, but he was on top of the frog, which made it a bit difficult to see the portal.

Also, after the end sequence, the game just sat there. There should have been a "The End" or fade to credits or something. Otherwise it looks like you're still on the journey, but there is nothing left to do.

Other than that, it works great (and even with those things I think I still finished it.  Fix those two things and the game is quite lovely. The artwork is very cute and it's a fun little adventure.

A 3D recreation does sound daunting.  Another possibility is a 2D recreation with the numbers opening up to a visual novel-type screen with a mystery embedded (sort of like Where in New York is Carmen Sandiego?). Or an "80 Days" style journey. There are so many possibilities here! I can't wait to see what you make!

Bulgaria is absolutely beautiful. And those ducks are hilarious.  Reading the article made me think of a possible name for your game:  Organic Panic!  You don't have to use it of course, but you've got me laughing about a game that doesn't even exist yet. Love it!

Since I'm asking everyone, I'll start.  My Atlas Obscura page is about 10 places related to Edgar Allen Poe: and I'm going to either make an interactive narrative in Twine or try my hand at RPG maker. Not sure which just yet.

Let's get hyped to play each other's games by giving a little preview of what we can expect.  Which Atlas Obscura page inspired you to make a game? What engine do you plan to use?  These decisions aren't set in stone, and you can feel free to change. It's just interesting to know what everyone is working on. 

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Once you finalise the clothing templates, will artists be able to make custom clothing sets as paid DLC (on their own pages) without violating your terms? Same for custom eyes, ears, hair, etc.

Asking b/c that will let you concentrate on developing/improving the program while others make more art to go inside of it. The character maker is excellent, and that way you get more fashion options quickly.

Wonderful narrative. I like the way that you can eventually change perspective at will - or not - and therefore get different nuances within the story.  I got the same ending via different playthroughs, so I'm not sure if there is more than one. I also wanted the option to explore more of jim's back story as well as Sam's.  However, it can be a good sign when someone wants to know more of a story rather than not.  Keep up the good work!

I dug one small row near the outpost and put some mushrooms there. It's just a test and will need to be expanded if it works.  We should keep watch to see if the mushrooms take root and produce the ponds naturally, and if the greens grow on their own or if they need some help. 

Also wondering if the nutrients in the ponds would be good for us as well. I'm not quite daring enough to take a sip ... but I'm thinking about it.

It was the wine.  

At least, that's what I tell myself.  A rich, red  Merlot. I had already imbibed a few more glasses than I'll publicly admit ... and the paintbrushes I found in the drawer ... well, it all made sense at the time.  I used the paintbrushes and the wine to ask the towelette a question.  Since it was stiff and unmoving, I used it like a canvas.  I wrote a single question.  


My suspicions were confirmed.

The first word from the raspberry punch was "BLOOD", and the second word, from the lime punch, was "FRESH".  This was confirmed when the towellette replied "FRESH" from being dipped in blood.  The third word, from the orange punch, translated to "SUNLIGHT".  From my previous research near the Damp Creek of Dunsmoore, I knew that fresh blood was a common meal for a certain league of creatures, and that sunlight was a way to kill them.

It seems the towellette was warning me: Here there be vampires.

I have yet to translate  GNRONCKIE and LUIGLNTOEI but I feel assured that my research will reveal these meanings shortly.

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Tried some communication experiments with the moist towelette. Reports below:

Experiment 1: Cookie crumbs.  Ate some cookies. Got crumbs on a table. The moist towelette moved toward me. Tentatively at first, then more urgently.  Suddenly, in one fell swoop, it gathered the crumbs and whisked itself away. When it came back, it was crumbless. It sort of looked at me as if I should be ashamed for making such a mess.  Truthfully, I was. 

Experiment 2: I gathered four small glasses in front of the moist towelette.  Glass A held raspberry punch. Glass B: lime punch.  Glass C:  orange punch.  Glass D: water.  The towelette absorbed the raspberry and then twisted itself in strange shapes over the water, causing some of the punch to drip away. Afterward, it laid itself on the table, flat.  Most of it was red, but the white spaces formed a word:  DOLOB.  Then, it dipped itself into the water and wrang itself out until clean.  It repeated this regiment with the lime drink, producing the word SREHF.  The orange word was NISHLUGT.  When it was done, it rinsed itself clean in the water and then performed a twisty, wavy dance while it did its telltale hum.  It stopped when it was no longer dripping wet, but appropriately moist, as a moist towelette should be.  

I wrote the words in my parchment. I'll need to find a translation.