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The dragon is such an asshole right?

A topic by gamercatz56 created Mar 03, 2020 Views: 3,481 Replies: 34
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Blacksmith totally ripped me off and never finished the Dragonblade too




he finished mine but dragon ate half of my people


he Finished mine got 500 gold from the dragon





he finished my dragonblade and he didnt eat half of my people because i knew what wouldve happen so i gave him my money and i have 2 saves each one 2330 days


I had to give 400 gold to the dragon, for the sake of my people


I think the dragonblade kinda hung around my throne room for 60 days.  Thief girl said she would take care of the dragon so I said Yes.  Several weeks later, she shows up and drops 250 gold in my throne room  and she kept the rest.  Worth it to get rid of that guy.

I had the same experience as Searrin.

yeah thats true.


i was only attacked by the dragon once at the very beginning of the game. when the sword was finished i gave it to the knight, and he gave me plenty of gold after defeating the dragon. love that guy.

Ikr. If I don't give him 400 gold he will eat 30 or 50 people! And sometimes I don' thave that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THAT DRAGON!!!!!!!

i got the dragon on my 8th day

sucks 4 u

didn't get dragon blade


yes, yes it is.


Such a d***. 

The dragon came, I ended up finishing the game, NO ONE CAME TO GET THE BLADE! XD 

oh yeah he took 400 dollars from me the first time he came

I got the dragonblade!!!!!!!!!!

the dragon got slayed. super easy, it was. (sometimes I turn into yoda)

Did you trust the ninja?

i got it on my 19th day and i had less than that, it was a worthy sacrifice i had to take....

bruh i hate him  he made me go broke

tbh i just refused to give my gold at the start and he didn't even kill too much people. I think he only took 40 people. But it left me with like 156 people

True but at least I got my knight to slay that dragon

I highly agree 

The dragon came in near the beginning of the game and stole my $200 that I had just got from the wizard. So, yes, the dragon is an asshole. 

You know one time I played the game he did not appear and I got a ending. Later he finally appeared and I said "You are late."

I forgot the dragon even existed because I usually beat the game before he shows up