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I really like the art style especially the CGs, I can tell that despite you were in quite a rush (based on the provided info in the art booklet), you still put effort into your works especially the CGs.

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Yeah at first I was bummed too that he isn't one of the main characters BUT surprise lmao, he is one of the main characters.

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Wow just wow, I like the development of each character plus the ??? ending, just dang lol, play it y'all to figure it out. Right now I'm just crying in the middle of the night to the orchestral version of the theme song, it's just really beautiful (Download the music album y'all). Plus I really like where you can't translate what Hao's saying until you get the 3 endings, because it really feels like you're in Sona's shoes and not just some reader who knows everything (unless you know Chinese).

Oops sorry for the spoil hehe but you'll definitely enjoy his route

Oh thank you for clarifying it.

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I really liked this though there are some spelling errors here and there, I liked all the routes especially Capriana's where she is performing the role of herself in the play, I liked the build-up of the events like it narrates her life, I would've loved a close-up sprite of Capriana like the others. Anyways after that special POV, I'm looking forward to the new game :3\

Btw may I ask on the part when choosing the routes, the letters in the world "Belong" relates to the characters right? I can't seem to figure out what the letters "ON" relates to Dylan and "G" relates to Flint. I only know Capriana's because I saw that she mentioned someone named BEL if I remember correctly. My only clue is the design of each letter, like BEL has glasses and a smile underneath, ON has a butterfly, and G has a Tape measure usually used for carpentry (?) correct me if I'm wrong.

Ok I like my games with a little twist

It was sad that the old lady died but I liked this game

yeah figures

Ok honestly I didn't expected that ending, like lmao how the hell but then again it is downloaded on my files so pretty reasonable. Plus when I got back to the game for the 3rd time, I'm just vibing to the song lmao.

Probably the dress since it looks like the wind is just flowing(?) lifting(?) (idk the exact words, but you get what I mean right?) her dress, like she just ascended from the sky.

I really liked this, ngl at the beginning where she begins hunting, it threw me off because I kept dying by the 2 wolves but I eventually defeated it. And I think I got the true ending (is ending S the true ending?) at first try (in terms of getting endings other than game over) since I already got to access the bonus room, which was nice btw. I'll try to get the other endings since it said in the bonus room that Lenora's age is a teen but grows up into an adult in certain endings, and I'm curious for that.

Quick question: how many endings are there? and how to crawl since it said in the description that there is a crawl toggle mechanic, or is it just the walk and run thing?

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I really liked this game and I like how the mc or Emma is a kind of woman who is brave and strong, liked that kind of women in games like these. Plus I didn't expect for Mr. Wolf or Tyler to have 4 endings, I thought there were 3 endings for each character, not that I'm complaining. My only concern is that some backgrounds (especially in the horror-ish part of the game) are kind of out of place, like it switches from drawn backgrounds into real life places of backgrounds. Some are even not drawn, more like 3D (specifically in the airport for the good ending of The Count). Oh yeah speaking of The Count, I liked his ending the most, probably because I was shocked and didn't noticed throughout the whole game. Like when I think about it now, it was kind of obvious and I didn't noticed it lmao. Overall I love the game, the interaction with the characters (including the jokes lmao), the CGs, the music especially when Tyler sings, everything. Looking forward to your other games. : )

Btw is it possible to get 5 points from the first puzzle, specifically the sliding puzzle? If so, how? Like my highest for that is just 2, well I mean I still got all the endings but I'm just curious, like I wanna see a walkthrough for that lmao.

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I really liked this game plus it showed us how a hikikomoro live his/her life until later which her ended up living in her mind or "void" which is kind of sad if you actually think about it. Like it shows us a representation (I said representation because as the game progresses, Yamasen just ended up in hilarious and possibly seem impossible situations, sure it's possible but small chance) on how people with social anxiety struggle.

Plus I liked the detail when she was living in the void and wants us to decorate and the furniture slowly disappears, I liked that little detail because it shows us that you can't really live on your mind, like you can't put tangible items into your mind, you can only imagine them and slowly forget about them.

Btw idk if it's just me but I lose my progress when I restarted the game which is kind of sad, but at least I took some photos

If you haven't noticed their announcement above, it said that they removed the demo version, but they will upload the download link for the full(?) game, just need to be patient.

I really loved this and your work "Cinderella Phenomenon." Though there was some issues in the gallery, specifically in "Other" where the images for the main menus are not accessible 

There are best endings for each guy

I think you need to get the "best ending" for all of the guys, I got one from Deon and it showed him as a person in the menu screen

I really liked on how the story went on and I didn't expected that tbh, I kinda cried a little bit

I like the game and I saw that twist coming, it was obvious tbh lol. But I noticed that there are typos in this game, plus I don't know if my game just bugged but I didn't see Vonn's ending label, like no "Vonn (I forgot last name) Good End." I only saw Vern's and Viktor's. Plus is it just me or is this game really has no CGs beside the bad end of where Cara runs away and gets caught by the blue flames? And I also noticed that an "image v.k. not found" in red in the corner of my screen appeared where Cara is talking to the 3 brothers, or more like Viktor when it was sunny outside and wanted to go to the village with the choices: "This place" or "It's nothing." Overall I still liked the game and omfg I swear I was a blushing mess in the part where Vonn is reading Cara's poem. Plus the good ending for all of them especially Viktor's, OMFG I was really blushing there.

This was really cool, liked this game. 

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oh okie, just saw your recent post.

Well what a twist indeed. But I liked the game, especially the art style that it's hand drawn

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Oh yeah btw I noticed in this game, Since I broke the library key, so I headed back to my home and went upstairs and saw the same library key again and I picked it up. Then I tried it but it also broke and just disappeared. So I came back again and still found the same key. This time I didn't used it on the door and just kept it, but it also disappeared after I went to the other world (alternate world?).

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I really liked this, at first I panicked for a bit that I didn't used the key for the library and just headed straight to the broken window and got stuck (I still haven't figured out how to progress at that time). But overall I enjoyed it, same with your "The Supper" game. I liked both of these games.

Anyways this game was interesting, I got most of the pictures plus witnessed different endings

Can I ask how to get the first picture of Noel?

It only has one ending to complete the game which is joining the crown league or something along those lines, but you can still continue the game after completing it

well it can also be for the knight

True but at least I got my knight to slay that dragon

To complete the game, y'all need to be in the crown league or something

Yes you can still continue the game

I really liked this game. And it was fun that you as the character get to learn more about vampires, and that consent is important.

I really liked this game, though haven't completed all the endings but I'll try. And dang that twist

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I loved this and OH MY GOSH the glossary, it helped me learn other slangs. Plus I love the art style and the choice of color of this game. Though with the menu screen, it's quite difficult or too dark to see the options such extras or save/load since it is in black color font. Maybe if the color font is white, then we can see it more. Though it's only an opinion so you don't have to change it. Overall I liked the game, looking forward for your other projects.

Ooooooh that makes sense, didn't thought about that lmao

But yeah looking forward to your sequel

And I'm looking forward to that elevator lol

Oh wow I thought the code for the secret passage are the numbers on the doors but NOPE, I have to watch a walkthrough only to find out I need to get to a certain bookshelf .-.

But overall I enjoyed the game, looking forward to your possible sequel (?) Plus I like the colors in here, like it's not hurting to the eyes (well for me at least) 

Just why we can't access the elevators ;-;

Can I ask how to update the game? or I just simply delete the old game file?

I enjoyed this game, had a few bugs on it but probably because I played it on browser lol

Dang this is so sad