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Oh wow I thought the code for the secret passage are the numbers on the doors but NOPE, I have to watch a walkthrough only to find out I need to get to a certain bookshelf .-.

But overall I enjoyed the game, looking forward to your possible sequel (?) Plus I like the colors in here, like it's not hurting to the eyes (well for me at least) 

Just why we can't access the elevators ;-;


Haha, yeah that's still the hardest puzzle in the game, the hint is "the painting of a man browsing a bookshelf" ;)

Glad you enjoyed it and yes there will be a sequel, that's my new project! :D

Thanks again for playing, the elevator might just come back in the new game :P


Ooooooh that makes sense, didn't thought about that lmao

But yeah looking forward to your sequel

And I'm looking forward to that elevator lol


You can expect lots of references to this game in the sequel, that's why I updated it to make it more playable and remind people of it :)