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Thanks again for playing! So happy you enjoyed it :)

That's really strange... Do you have this problem with any other Unity games?

Oh yeah the default setting in the build options of Unity is x86_64 but I felt like not everyone has 64 bit yet so I changed it :) I'll be sure to build for 32-bit as long as Unity allows it!

Thank you very much for the nice feedback! Really happy you like the visuals, audio, animations and game length :) I definitely agree the gameplay mechanics are really simple but glad that didn't make it less enjoyable.

Thanks again! I can't wait to make something new :D

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the weirdness :D

Thanks again for playing! Left a comment on YouTube :)

Really happy you liked the music, it was the first time I did the soundtrack for a game. Pixel art and retro style are definitely my thing so most if not all future games will similarly styled :)

Thanks a lot! There are definitely quite some references and Easter eggs in there ;) 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this review! I'm very happy with the score you gave the game :)

I'm especially happy that you liked the graphics and even the music (it's the first time I did a soundtrack for a game). Writing is something I'm still learning and trying to get better at as English is not my native language so it can be a challenge at times. I mostly agree with your criticism, the ending wasn't the best though I already have a lot of ideas for a "sequel" that might reference to what happened in this game ;) I didn't want to make this first game unnecessarily long, I wanted to keep it as close to the original in terms of story and length.

One thing that I found weird in your review is how you say it's like a Game Boy game, which is correct but you also mention how it's like a Nintendo 64 and NES game in other places which is less fitting I think.

Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!

Thanks again for playing! Left a reply on YouTube too :)

I grew up with the first generation of Pokémon and Zelda Link's Awakening so those sure were big inspirations for the graphics!

They are explained on this page ;)

Thank you very much for the nice words!

I'm not sure myself about things like QTE or combat in this type of game, it's more like a point & click adventure game that were popular back in the day. I'll sure make other type of games in the future that do include combat and other things ;)

Never heard of that game before but I'll check it out :)

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Can't wait to watch your playthrough :D

Thanks for playing and no worries about the audio issue :) 

Thanks a lot for playing and making a video! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game :)
I'll watch it asap and leave a comment on the video itself with my thoughts.

Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot :)

Maybe the evil management ate all the food :o

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! Glad you did and enjoyed it! 

Thanks a lot for that!

Thanks again for playing! I left a comment on the video itself. If I make a sequel I'm sure the Magickey will be back and hopefully he'll be in a good mood again ;)

Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :)
I definitely put a lot of work in it and I'm glad it shows!

I wrote a short postmortem sharing some analytics data, a playlist of all let's plays on YouTube and more!

Nonsense at Nightfall - Postmortem

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Oh yeah it's quite similar to Link's Awakening too and it's definitely one of my biggest inspirations! The jumping out of bed is also a bit of a nod to that game ;)

Btw, saw your review too. You can exit the game by pressing Enter to show the ingame menu and select Quit ;)

Thanks a lot!

The possible sequel will be longer and more like a full game but I'll see what I do for the pricing. I mostly want people to have fun so I love making free games but of course if I want to make game development more than just a hobby I have to think about funding more :)

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Thanks a lot! The text scrolling is definitely based on how it was done on the Game Boy, in Pokémon to be specific ;)

I feel honored my game is the first one you played here! :D

It's called Oh What a Night :)

Some people actually got it right away, it's a bit of a set up and pay off. I do think it could be fixed by adding that part to the dialog :)

I don't think that would help much unless you add "pizza delivery service" to it but I like the fix above more.

I'll definitely experiment with it a bit and see what looks best! Thanks again for your feedback :)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the style and my absurd sense of humor :)

Yeah, that part was a bit confusing, the "man browsing a bookshelf" on the painting was the clue but the problem is that you got the hint before knowing what you needed it for... I felt like the pizza part was easy though I could've been a bit more clear by letting the player say if maybe they can order one somehow though that might be too obvious.

I'm really glad you liked that tune :D It's my first time making the soundtrack of a complete game!
Hmmm... maybe? :O

Thanks a lot for playing and making a video! It was a lot of fun to watch :)

You're definitely right about that, I shouldn't expect people to read the controls on this page, haha. I'll sure keep that in mind for my next game ;) One thing I'm considering for the sequel is to go widescreen, maybe use the GBA's resolution (240x160) instead of Game Boy (160x144) so I have more room for text from left to right + 3 lines of text without covering too much of the gameplay. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for playing and making a video of it! I'm really happy you enjoyed it :)

Link's Awakening is definitely one of my inspirations and all time favorite games!

Thank you SO much for the download donation!!! It really means a lot!

Good thing you mentioned "Fir3" or I wouldn't have known it was you :)

The controls are explained on this page ;)

Walking around works with both the arrow keys, WASD and for people with an AZERTY keyboard (like mine), where A/Q, Z/W and more keys are swapped) that becomes ZQSD.

This wouldn't work as I want to have one control scheme that work for all (I don't want people to have to go into the options menu to pick between 2). Your idea is also not compatible with people that want to use WASD on an AZERTY keyboard (ZQSD). Space could possible be used as the A button, I'm just not sure what the B button should be then... Maybe Ctrl or Alt?

Did you read the controls on the game's main page? 😅

Thanks a lot for playing, commenting and rating!

Thanks you so much for playing and the nice comment!

Thanks for trying the game!

If you haven't figured it out yourself yet: H is the main interact key ;)

Thanks a lot for playing!

Really happy you enjoyed the references, there are quite a few of them in the game ;)

I sure have many ideas for a "sequel" so look forward to that!

Found it! Didn't even know polls like that were possible on YouTube!

No problem about the sound :) Thanks again for playing!

You're so welcome too! I even shared your mini review in an Instagram story cause it was so nice!