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Thank you very much for playing and making a video! I'll watch it when I find the time :D I definitely will ;)

Thank you very much!

Thanks again for playing and the review!

Thank you very much for playing and the nice comment! I was inspired by all the games I used to play as a kid myself and I'm glad it made you think of the ones you played back in the day too :)

No, the game is free but not open "source", I hope you understand :)

Thank you very much for the nice comment!

I'll definitely make a sequel in the future which will be bigger and better in every way :D

Thanks a lot! It's definitely in the style of those games :D

Thanks! I'll make sure the sequel is longer ;)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed the randomness :P Can't wait to work on a sequel!

Thank you very much! I'm sure I'll make one some day :)

Thank you very much for the nice comment!

It's definitely inspired by the first Pokémon games on Game Boy ;) I totally agree!

Not really secrets but there are a lot of references/Easter eggs in the game. There's a list of them in the devlog section :)

Thanks a lot for playing and making the video!

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm really happy you enjoyed the randomness :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :D

I definitely loved Harvest Moon back in the day together with Pokémon and Zelda, it's inspired by all of them in some way :)
I'm really glad you enjoyed the nonsense and my sense of humor :D

Thanks again for playing and making the video! I'll sure make a "sequel" at some point ;)

Haha, will it really be a comical game or will it be serious?

Thanks a lot! Definitely curious to know what you're working on now :D

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Thank you very much for playing and the nice words! :D

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! It really means a lot :D

Thank you so much! Pixel art and retro is definitely my style so all my future games will be like this ;)

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it :)

Absolutely nothing... :X

I thought that one was really obvious with there only be one place with a painting and fridge right next to eachother... I'm glad you did like the other ones :)

The game is actually "pay what you want" on here and amazingly some people were really generous! I might put it on Steam together with a sequel when that happens ;)

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Thanks again! I wrote a comment on the video itself :)
Cute video thumbnail too, btw :D

Thanks a lot! Yeah, some of the puzzles could use better hints.  Especially the search for the pin code. Which others did you have trouble with?

I sure will! :D

Thank you so much for playing and donating!!!

Yeah, the controls aren't the best, I'll make sure to include an ingame screen in my next games that show the controls the first time you play.

What's your username on Instagram? 

Thanks again for playing! Really happy you loved the pixel art and found it funny :)
I'll sure be making more in the future!

Haha thank you so much! I'm so happy you love all of it :D

I don't see that as a sad thing, I'll gladly make a sequel and the Magickey will definitely return ;)

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! I also loved point & click games back in the day and still do :D 

Thank you very much! I have a lot of ideas for a "sequel" so I'm sure it'll be made eventually ;)

Thanks again for playing! So happy you enjoyed it :)

That's really strange... Do you have this problem with any other Unity games?

Oh yeah the default setting in the build options of Unity is x86_64 but I felt like not everyone has 64 bit yet so I changed it :) I'll be sure to build for 32-bit as long as Unity allows it!

Thank you very much for the nice feedback! Really happy you like the visuals, audio, animations and game length :) I definitely agree the gameplay mechanics are really simple but glad that didn't make it less enjoyable.

Thanks again! I can't wait to make something new :D

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the weirdness :D

Thanks again for playing! Left a comment on YouTube :)

Really happy you liked the music, it was the first time I did the soundtrack for a game. Pixel art and retro style are definitely my thing so most if not all future games will similarly styled :)

Thanks a lot! There are definitely quite some references and Easter eggs in there ;) 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this review! I'm very happy with the score you gave the game :)

I'm especially happy that you liked the graphics and even the music (it's the first time I did a soundtrack for a game). Writing is something I'm still learning and trying to get better at as English is not my native language so it can be a challenge at times. I mostly agree with your criticism, the ending wasn't the best though I already have a lot of ideas for a "sequel" that might reference to what happened in this game ;) I didn't want to make this first game unnecessarily long, I wanted to keep it as close to the original in terms of story and length.

One thing that I found weird in your review is how you say it's like a Game Boy game, which is correct but you also mention how it's like a Nintendo 64 and NES game in other places which is less fitting I think.

Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!

Thanks again for playing! Left a reply on YouTube too :)

I grew up with the first generation of Pokémon and Zelda Link's Awakening so those sure were big inspirations for the graphics!

They are explained on this page ;)

Thank you very much for the nice words!

I'm not sure myself about things like QTE or combat in this type of game, it's more like a point & click adventure game that were popular back in the day. I'll sure make other type of games in the future that do include combat and other things ;)

Never heard of that game before but I'll check it out :)

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Can't wait to watch your playthrough :D