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Thanks again, so happy you like my art!

Yes, you can in the settings (sepia, black and white or OG Game Boy green) ;)

I'll try and not take too long with the next game haha :P

Thank you very much for playing it on stream! I wish I had been there so i could've told you that you missed that investigation table haha, the hints in chat were correct but those events don't trigger yet without knowing about the investigation.

I'm glad you liked the graphics (and overall polish of the game), they were made by me specifically for this game and aren't available as an asset (saw someone asking about it in chat).

As you noticed during the credits the game was indeed made for Ludum Dare though I did spend A LOT of time afterwards polishing it :)

Thanks again and look forward to the sequel ;)

Thanks a lot for playing, so happy you liked it! Sure hope you'll try and finish the level ;) The second one is a lot easier (just collect all the coins) but the third one is brutal!

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Ah yes, the non-linear one :D It was the first level I made, quite happy with how it turned out :)

Sorry to hear it's not working... I haven't been able to test the latest Mac build as I don't own one. I did look it up and it seems like a known issue with a recent version of Unity... I'll look into whether it's fixed in the new 2020 LTS version.

Thank you very much for playing! Really happy you enjoyed it and liked my absurd sense of humor :)


Thanks a lot for playing and making the video!

Thank you so much! Yeah, sorry for that. I never implemented a save system cause the game is so short and I felt it wasn't needed. My next game (the sequel to this one) will be longer and will definitely save your progress ;) And I'll do my best to make it even more funny and charming too :D

Thank you very much for playing and making the video! Really happy you liked it :)

Thank YOU for the nice comment! Look forward to the sequel :D

Haha, thank you very much! I'm really happy you enjoyed it :D

You can expect lots of references to this game in the sequel, that's why I updated it to make it more playable and remind people of it :)

Haha, yeah that's still the hardest puzzle in the game, the hint is "the painting of a man browsing a bookshelf" ;)

Glad you enjoyed it and yes there will be a sequel, that's my new project! :D

Thanks again for playing, the elevator might just come back in the new game :P

I know you already found it but yeah just download the game again for the new version :)

Always welcome :)

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I wish you lots of success with it :)

I didn't really learn it anywhere specifically, I've just been programming for over 10 years and then it's not that hard especially in HTML/JS as it's super easy to get something up and going compared to doing it in a programming language that needs compiling (C++/C#). Feel free to join my Discord for more specific questions where other people might be able to help you too :)

Thanks again for playing :)

Thank you very much! Working on it ;)

I'm planning on making a sequel which will definitely get translated so you can look forward to that :)

Sadly I don't plan on translating this game...

Thank you very much for the nice words!

And now you can look forward to the sequel ;)

Glad you didn't try entering the elevator as the old man ;) Or did you? ^^'

Thanks :)

Thanks again for playing! I hope you enjoyed it :D

A tip for future videos: I find it most fun to watch videos where the player reacts to what they're playing. I wish you good luck with your channel :)

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There's no way to upload them online from within the game but you can always export them on the screen after selecting it in the "edit existing list" and sharing the file on my Discord server :)

Thanks a lot btw!

Thank you very much for the nice comment :)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I'll try and make some more, maybe on stream :) Hopefully some other people will make levels too!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much for playing and the nice feedback :D

Thank you very much!

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Cats and Coins

Cats and Coins is a retro-styled platform game with non-linear levels in which you have to collect all coins to unlock the exit. Besides playing levels you can also make your own with the built-in level editor! Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

It's free and you can play it right inside your web browser!

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it. I'll be releasing a new different kind of game very soon ;)

Thanks a lot! Really happy you enjoyed it :) I'll start/continue working on the sequel soon!

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! Yeah some of the puzzles were a bit confusing. I came up with them very randomly :P

Glad you liked the length of the game, it is indeed somewhere between 30-45 to complete which I think is a good length for 1 sitting :)

It really means a lot you like the dialogues! I spend a lot of time on those and I'm glad it shows, also that you find them funny, it great to know that others share my sense of humor :D

Thanks again and look forward to the sequel somewhere in the future ;)

After some searching I think I know what the issue is and didn't even know it was an option and makes it even worse that my game isn't framerate independent... I think in your Graphics Card settings your vsync is turned off (by default it's set so that the application decides but it can be set so it's always off) and yeah then I can imagine my game runs at like 1000fps which is indeed more than 10x the normal 60fps. I'm still planning on making a sequel to this game and maybe with that I'll also update this game to fix this though it'll be quite a bit of work. I'll make sure to not make the same mistake with the sequel.