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Thank you very much for playing, the kind words and feedback! Could you tell ne exactly what would make the text box better? Are you talking about it being annoying to scroll through? And when it comes to the screen size, you're talking about it not being widescreen?


It was a bit troublesome to keep hitting space to continue the text, as it most of the times stopped halfway through a sentence, halting the flow a bit. A suggestion could be to make the box bigger to fit more text? 
And yes! It fit the cute, pixelated and square-aesthetic, but I wish it could've been bigger.

Still, I really like the game!

Ah yes, that's what I thought :) I went for an experience as close to a real GB game as possible, haha. A sequel would be in widescreen so it would fill up the screen and then the text box will be bigger too so less scrolling.

Thanks again!