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Very adorable and heartwarming -yet heartbreaking little game. Abolsutely love it

Fantastic game! It was cute and touching. I love it. Realistic and probably relatable to a lot of people in at least one way. Highly recommend!

A really nice and pretty little game! It was easy to navigate through and even though there wasn't much to do, it still kept me entertained throughout the game! Hoping there'll be more games like this!

It was a bit troublesome to keep hitting space to continue the text, as it most of the times stopped halfway through a sentence, halting the flow a bit. A suggestion could be to make the box bigger to fit more text? 
And yes! It fit the cute, pixelated and square-aesthetic, but I wish it could've been bigger.

Still, I really like the game!

This was a very nice and neat little game. It was humorous and cute. Highly recommend it! The only thing that could be optimized would be the text box and the size of the screen (even when it's full-screen) Overall a very good game! Looking forward to a sequel!

This happened to me as well but on Steam, should I try to redownload it as well?