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Thank you very much for playing it on stream! I wish I had been there so i could've told you that you missed that investigation table haha, the hints in chat were correct but those events don't trigger yet without knowing about the investigation.

I'm glad you liked the graphics (and overall polish of the game), they were made by me specifically for this game and aren't available as an asset (saw someone asking about it in chat).

As you noticed during the credits the game was indeed made for Ludum Dare though I did spend A LOT of time afterwards polishing it :)

Thanks again and look forward to the sequel ;)


I thought the art assets were custom, especially with the little easter eggs and of course the unique player animations! Your work is lovely. 

I heard someone in the comments say the palette is swappable?? I totally missed that, I'll have to go figure that out and see for myself.

And I am definitely looking forward to more!


Thanks again, so happy you like my art!

Yes, you can in the settings (sepia, black and white or OG Game Boy green) ;)

I'll try and not take too long with the next game haha :P