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I love this game a lot, and I think it's a great introduction to death positivity and the death industry. (not a professional, just an enthusiast.)  It plays almost like a visual novel, with little interactive sections where you prepare the bodies. 

The art style is  very soothing and conveys enough information for you to understand the story, while being minimalist allowing the player to see death and bodies in a non-shock value way.  The emails are written very well, I felt very connected to these characters that you never meet in person in the game. (The sister character is amazing.) The monthly death newsletter is a nice way to introduce players to new death related concepts, like aquamation, and the main plotline with the funeral home opens up a good discussion about the death industry.

The use of more "gamey" mechanics in the body preparation does two great things: 1, it teaches the player about how bodies are prepared and 2, it helps normalize the idea of interacting with death. It's nice that you can't actually mess up, or do anything disrespectful. I don't think the game needs to be overall "more gamey," I think it benefits a lot from player interaction without becoming disrespectful or removed from the subject matter. I also appreciate the diversity in family dynamics around the deceased that you assist, allowing you to think more about that aspect of funerals as well. (I also appreciate the very well integrated way the game allows the player to opt out of a potentially upsetting funeral.)

All and all I definitely recommend it, especially for people curious about these topics. I also just recommend death positivity in general, which is one of the theses of this game.

See my playthrough of it here

I thought the art assets were custom, especially with the little easter eggs and of course the unique player animations! Your work is lovely. 

I heard someone in the comments say the palette is swappable?? I totally missed that, I'll have to go figure that out and see for myself.

And I am definitely looking forward to more!

I'm about 25 hours in, and while I mostly really loved it, I had a pretty big issue with it. I'll talk about the positives first, and then get into my problem, after a spoiler warning.

First, the positives: the art style is charming, especially the overworld sprites. The battles offer a good variety between battles with a trick to them, and battles testing your knowledge of the combat system and character abilities. I like how the game juggles characters in and out of your party, it keeps battle interesting and you on your toes. The game has a good mix of quirky, heartfelt, and horror, and while it goes fairly hard on the cartoon gore, it manages to stay grounded with the more cheerful sections in between.

~~ Here's the spoiler warning, for the game up through the sequence at the end of the library. ~~

After the library boss sequence, Jimmy and Lars end up on a beach, with Lars giving a little mini monologue about how he feels a bit directionless in life. This monologue becomes a rant about how he wants a Perfect Asian GF, who would never complain about the fact that he sucks. There's no commentary from Jimmy, or any other character, and this little monologue doesn't seem to get acknowledged afterwards. (I only got like, 30 minutes after this part, to be fair.) As someone who *is* Asian, and who has dealt with this kind of behaviour in the past, it was honestly really upsetting to hear this ideology come uncriticized out of the mouth of a character portrayed as a hapless but well meaning guy. Let's be clear - whether this is intended as a joke (or to setup some future event) it's an uncritical lighthearted repeating of a way of thinking that hurts Asian women every single day. It's said in a way that is clearly not meant  to have any introspection at all, from the mouth of a character the player is meant to empathize with and enjoy being around. It's worth noting, as well, that there isn't a single female character who clearly reads as Asian in the entire game, at least up until this point. 

I'm not going to say others shouldn't play this game, but personally, it felt like a giant red flag telling me that this game wasn't for me. As much  as I wanted to see the ending, for my own sake, I've decided to put the game down for now. 

my VODs from playing this game, for more of my thoughts

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You probably don't need me to recommend this game to you, but I will anyway. It's great! The art style is very relaxing and nice, and the inclusion of the option to set how pixelated the graphics look is a nice touch. (The "crunchyness" setting as I call it.) It's a nice relaxing time to find all the hidden little secrets of the island, and rewarding to go from only being able to do a few short hops to having an incredible flight ability. I also really like the dialogue, it feels very naturalistic and real. Even characters with only a few words to say make a great impression.

Cute little horrory point and click! (And i love point and clicks.) The art style is wonderful, especially Parsnips excellent animations. The puzzles are pretty straightforward but not bad. The ending(s) area bit silly in my opinion, very over the top. But, I had a great time with it for sure. I wish there was an indication in the game that there's a second ending, since I didn't realize that initially.

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A nice short horror game with an excellent creepy atmosphere. The puzzles are pretty easy (I beat the entire game in 20~ minutes on a casual stream) but it's worth checking out if you like this style of horror game.

See my stream of it!

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The concept is good and the soundtrack is Amazing. Unfortunately, my game registered a lot of false misses (mostly misses popping up on the same note that had already registered correctly.) Until those bugs are sorted out, it's incredibly frustrating to play. (I may also recommend darkening the darker grey keys to black, the color change btw them and the white keys is so subtle it was more confusing than helpful.)

my stream of it here

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A really wonderful game! A nice mid-length visual novel with a whole queer/lgbt cast and some great spooky moments. It's not overly scary but the atmosphere is really good, you get sucked into the drama of desperately seeking information before it's Too Late in a wonderful way. The cast are well rounded and fun to hang out with, I came back to see all three paths. 

And it's great to see casual trans/n-b rep in games. The conversations about trans topics really hit home for me and my friends. (I was streaming it.) I'll have to make time to check out more of your games in the future. (I already played Parsnip :) )

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Very cute little game! I really enjoyed the graphics, they're super cute, ESPECIALLY the little walking animations. The little easter egg posters are fun to find and helped me remember which room was which, which was a nice touch.

my stream of it here

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i love the graphics, they have a really lovely and relaxing feel to them. The music is quite soothing as well. Although I like the concept, many of the puzzles are obtuse, and many objects are nearly impossible to see without the help mode on.

While I enjoyed playing it, I would imagine that most players would require the walkthough repeatedly in order to progress. (The built in guide is really helpful, however I ended up relying on it quite a bit in order to finish the game.)

See my playthrough of it here

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Excellently designed puzzle game! It was a bit tricky to learn but quite addicting once i figured it out. Puzzles are satisfying to solve, and they feel quite elegant.

If you ever make any major additions, I might suggest a color blind friendly mode.

See my playthrough of it here