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you need to go to ur folders and the there shold be a "zipped"file right-click it then click extract and then click the folder it shold be there Edit:this goes for all of

(1 edit) in love......why?......¯\_(ツ)_/¯....all i know is it makes me go.......YES

alll the races i have played have had rain nothing else


holy cow treats in this i didnt know (but she look angry)and i was surprised to see pastille was the witch who made gumdrop

aaaaayyyyyyyy dis boi got roblox

yah he play for a few

you had fun......

how can you make such amazing game in one of topic's i call boring

will there be a part 2?

oh ty

is there a download?

omg so cute

he Finished mine got 500 gold from the dragon

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i may have or may have not tried to brake it (it froze)

who where gunna speed run this amazing game i will(unofficially)

XD im with you

so much russian

next time on one of the best rpg's ever...

haha yah

someone tell me how do you make such a amazing game that scares the un scare-able?!?!?!