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how do you attack

ok thanks


If you slowed down the movement it would be good but I go too fast. Sorry good game though. Maybe.

My favourite character is the girlfriend cuz she's hot.

look at the title

maybe I'm just bad at it

amazing game! basilisk is hard, though.

Great game found a way to get out of the boundaries but then I got stuck please help I like this game

why all da weird comments I haven't played the game and I haven't even watched the video but the comments are weird. Sorry Steven guy for not watching the video I will watch it after you're game devlog #3. I like those you funny

Awesome! Just wish I could save.

hee hee

I beat the game on day 67. I beat you!

what do you need to do to win? i'm on day 41 and it doesn't seem like i'm close

the dragon got slayed. super easy, it was. (sometimes I turn into yoda)

I got the dragonblade!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah he took 400 dollars from me the first time he came

nice game though

subway not working

how do I save?

My favourite art style! It's great!

oooooh my god dat a lot of gold I don't got nearly as much

can you add a way to save 

it's ok

tricky but fun

you got some good ideas

but supa good too

(1 edit)

supa hard

Great game. Why do you like games where you play as a spaceship so much? Not saying it's bad though

I love this game. It's a browser game (which I love), and it's also an arcade shoot 'em up (which I love). Boss #58 is hard!!!!