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[Found] Artist looking for an programmmer

A topic by Noiracide created Mar 27, 2017 Views: 572 Replies: 5
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Hi i'm an french illustrator , my english is relatively bad... yes but what?! i can draw! it's the first and only thing that count, right?... RIGHT?!

My work:

Hey man!

I'd team with you if you're still interested :)

I'm not a very experienced programmer by any means, and I'm limited to HTML/CSS/Javscript as of right now, sadly.

I haven't made much yet, as I'm very new! But one thing I can show you is this.

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Thank you MistahTA for your reply, but I've found a little team. Sorry to have answered so late...

Good luck to you !

Hi Noiracide,

I might be looking for an artist as well (my pixel art I would classify as OK).

I haven't released anything due to frequently moving over to new projects for the past year as I learnt new stuff. I use Java, and should be able to make a game for PC, Linux, Mac and Android (no iOS sadly, I don't own a MacBook). I can send you a few of my older projects if you'd like to see what I can do?

Really like your style. Cute, fresh and fluid!

Might also be looking for an artist. Just ask me if you want to see some of the other games I did (only got 1 game hosted on itch).

PS: Je parle francais en fait ;)

Yep je voudrai bien voir ce que tu fais : D

Ton jeu est bien fun :)