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Yep ! ^^

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Sorry for the inconvenience it has been fixed ^^

Yes it's planned ! ^^

il n'y en a pas actuellement ... X) chaque perso est redessiné de 0

  OMG YES ! Thank you!

Oww thank you ! <3

<3 Amazing work !

Hello 24*32pixel ^^

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the style is different because it's a new serie, but Desire come with new assets soon, I've a big news to share...

Thank you ! <3

Hello, the style of Desiree Fantasy pack ?

Hello Jabaku !
You can see the content of this pack here , it's only characters sprites:

Guns work like that , I only provide template for now but, cool weapons come in a next pack !

Thank you 1up Indie2 !

My friends call my style Jpegart haha because of my drawing process
Yes monsters and more tilesets comes next !

Hello Anthonyidk "Sorry due to files restrictions the demo doesnt work on Chrome, Brave and Duckduckgo browsers, you can play correctly with Firefox or Qwant mobile version"

Thank you Kchenzho !

Hi K1ngK0opa ! I work on a character pack with attack animations and separated weapons. Bow and many others 🙏

Boths are in the archive file  , original assets 16*16 and resized x3 (48*48)

Hello greybeardgames !
All my assets fits for 16pix tiles size games 🙏

GG for your asset pack Ecko ! 🙏

Hello puddinxsdl2 !

The content of this pack is written on the page :

Characters are only placeholders, I work on many animated characters + attack animation right now

What is scene material ? I don't understand the question : (
Can you clarify ? Thanks !

Love your work ! 🙏

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Hi Mario !

Yes ! more hero characters are coming !

Aww thank you !

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Oh ! new Battler Characters come too ! 🙏

Cool battle system !

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Sorry not for now : (
But you can say me what you need and maybe I can do it in future packs ! 🙏

I use a standard atk animation and you can superpose it has many weapon type you want. 🙏

Really love your work !  ❤️

Thanks ! 🙏

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Love this ! ❤️

Give me good TRPG vibe , I wanna make one too one day !

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Hi Bollehopp !

Like others Desire Texture pack, you can use rpg maker friendly tileset in the folder RPG Maker containt in each pack, or use parallax mapping without script or use a parallax script if you want a scrolling map.

All depend of you and your needs 🙏

More rpg maker friendly characters (only 4 direction rather than 8) are coming soon too

Thank you gooby ! not for the 8 directionnal characters but I may

probably include a sword atk for 4 directionnal.

This is insane XD it seems to be a monstrous amount of work !!

Cute aesthetic ! ❤️

No worry !

Thank you Kat !

Yes !
I work on a little character generator software with morphotype and customization assets library :

Thank you ! Yes there is much more to come ! a Chests pack, weapons icon pack, characters pack and a Winter pack are in the pipes !