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Love this set - just purchased!  works really well with the rest of the super retro world.
If I can make any suggestions for future work - 
MORE CHARCTERS!  Your characters (20x16) are some of the best I've seen at this resolution - a wider selection would be brilliant (villagers, nobility, baddies, plus larger animated battlers in proportions of the 16x16 set)

Also - worlds - a fairy world (mushroom houses, puff balls, fairy characters etc), mountains with trolls and rocks, steam punk world with mechs and steel structures, Mines with underground characters, a castle/courtyards/ruins, a sea with boats, sea monsters and underwater realms.  

Allows gamers to have a full on real adventure

many thanks!  Will take a look. 


Love this tileset (and the associated bundle) and looking to purchase the bundle - but can you confirm if the characters shown in this set are included or are they from another tile set?  Couldnt see them on the characters set you offer.  Theyre really good.  When will they be available?


If you can, go on to the zx spectrum next facebook group and they'll give you whatever help you need

Love the graphics,  Shows off next basic nicely and who cares if its not a "rounded game" - it shows those who want to dabble in code that they can do so and have great fun in the process!(I'm also stealing your next basic logo!)


considering buying the bundle but can you advise if the mines tileset (the one that shows in the tiny tales title splash page on the right) is included in the overworld set


thats great thanks!  my main characters are 24x24 so that works!

just purchased a copy and will be taking it to Play Expo in Blackpool to show off!  Looks like a great game (and if TJ's video is anythning to go by is going to be cause much swearing!)




great looking characters.

Are these the animated versions of the free character pack you also have in your collection?

love this set and considering buying the bundle.

Can you advise if these are 16x16 tiles sets and how large are the NPC's?

(im  wanting to use them for a retro based system called a ZX Spectrum Next which uses 16x16 tile/sprite sets

looks great!  Can I ask what size these are (eg 16x16 32x32) including the sprites?



love the graphics - hope this is a prequel to a much larger adventure

.bas is a native spectrum next game format - you need a spectrum next/n-go or suitable fpga device (eg mister) with core 22.10  to run this game - or using an emulator like cspect.

its wicked hard!  One the electric floor theres 2 squares where the electric current is static until I realised you can shoot the blue circla pds to turn blue (freeze)?  that made it a little easier - but the next stage with the bots that run at you then run awat!  WTAF!  Any those little flying bots.  Man theyre killer!  Not got past them yet.  Another hour lost but I'll be playing it again today for another hour.  MUST COMPLETE!

haha not yet!  the elecrtrified floor keeps getting me!  Will keep trying

this is so cool - played on an n-go and love it!

glad t help!  if youre ever up for commission work let me know

just bought this and the woods pack - really nice sets.  Hope youve got a castle inside/out, dungeons and a few caverns on your things to do!

gorgeous asset pack - just purchased this and the woods pack.  Will fit perfectly in a top down game I'm making for an new (old) computer called a ZX Spectrum Next.  If ever you feel like making a castle (interior and exterior), dungeons and caverns plus a few monsters/village folk you'll definately get my orders!
(its funny seeing all the day/night options for colour - it used to be a simple case of pallette cycling colours to change the day/night status without the need for whole new sprites!)


great reworking!  thanks!

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Been looking forward to this after backing the game on Kickstarter for my Next (N-GO) - ansolutely awesome game.  Graphics are gorgeous and the music is great!  Can't wait to the get physical release!

A definate must for any ZX Spectrum Next owners collection

absolutely love yuour work.  Can you advise if the "unity" bundle contains all the assets for the set and if theyre in .PNG format at 16x16 pixels?  
I'm actuially looking to use the tiles as part of a large rpg style game I'm writing for an 8 bit computer called a zx spectrum next and the tiles fit the world I'd like to create perfectly.

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great set of tiles.  I;m wanting to use these in a top down game for an old (new) 8 bit computer but its got a limited 512 colour palette.  Can you share the palette used so I can check for compatability?

thats awesome  Thanks for sharing.

I love this set but do you guys have a colour palette available for your tile sets?
I'm looking to use some of these assets for a game I'm writing for an 8 bit "modern" computer called a "zx spectrum next" but its limited to a possible 512 colours plus dithering - I'm looking to see what palette adjustments I'd need to make and what impact they'd have on the tile set



great looking tileset!  Will work well with the others!

awesome!  looking forward to seeing them!

gorgeous tileset - are these 16x16?  Interested in using them in a game I'm developing for a new 8 bit computer called the "zx spectrum next".  Looking forward to seeing what other tilesets you have planned in this palette style (if you take requests anything dungeon, sewer, cave, village, steam punk and associated baddies would be great!)


there are great!  Thanks for continually updating these sets!

thats great!  Thanks for fixing

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Great addition to the collection.  Cant download this one though as part of the previously downloaded bundle set (includes additions and updates).  Also unable to download the last add on for this set (Halloween?).  Can you advise how to download...thanks

no problem - gorgeous work as always :-)

Looks awesome - the trees are really nice - but is this part of the Rogue Adventure Bundle - if so its not letting me add it to my existing assets from that set and only offering a buy it now option...

great looking characters.  Can I ask what size they are (eg 16x16) and is there a colour palette available?  Am considering purchasing to use in a RPG on an older 8 bit system.  Also any plans to release a bundle pack including the other animals?

awesome!  Thanks for the update!

Hi,  I bought the bundle and have been able to download the recent updates  youve made (grasslands and caves being the most recent) but for some reason I cant download this combined version?
Can you advise how I do this?  I've not as yet started using the tiles but would rather have the latest version all in one place.


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bought the pack and its fantastic - such a HUGE selection of tiles to work with - but I wondered if you can advise which pack containg the "dead trees" - noticed them on several of the examples (including the graveyard) but i cant find them... can you advise?
FOUND THEM - theyre in the wasteland in rogue adventure!