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thats awesome  Thanks for sharing.

I love this set but do you guys have a colour palette available for your tile sets?
I'm looking to use some of these assets for a game I'm writing for an 8 bit "modern" computer called a "zx spectrum next" but its limited to a possible 512 colours plus dithering - I'm looking to see what palette adjustments I'd need to make and what impact they'd have on the tile set



great looking tileset!  Will work well with the others!

awesome!  looking forward to seeing them!

gorgeous tileset - are these 16x16?  Interested in using them in a game I'm developing for a new 8 bit computer called the "zx spectrum next".  Looking forward to seeing what other tilesets you have planned in this palette style (if you take requests anything dungeon, sewer, cave, village, steam punk and associated baddies would be great!)


Great looking set!  Are these tiles and the other pixelart set recently released part of the original big bundle that follows on from the pizxelart top down set included in that?  If so theyre not set for those that purchased the bundle for download.  Love the look of the trees!

there are great!  Thanks for continually updating these sets!

thats great!  Thanks for fixing

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Great addition to the collection.  Cant download this one though as part of the previously downloaded bundle set (includes additions and updates).  Also unable to download the last add on for this set (Halloween?).  Can you advise how to download...thanks

no problem - gorgeous work as always :-)

Looks awesome - the trees are really nice - but is this part of the Rogue Adventure Bundle - if so its not letting me add it to my existing assets from that set and only offering a buy it now option...

awesome looking but how do you purchase/download?  Theres no links...

great looking characters.  Can I ask what size they are (eg 16x16) and is there a colour palette available?  Am considering purchasing to use in a RPG on an older 8 bit system.  Also any plans to release a bundle pack including the other animals?

awesome!  Thanks for the update!

Hi,  I bought the bundle and have been able to download the recent updates  youve made (grasslands and caves being the most recent) but for some reason I cant download this combined version?
Can you advise how I do this?  I've not as yet started using the tiles but would rather have the latest version all in one place.


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bought the pack and its fantastic - such a HUGE selection of tiles to work with - but I wondered if you can advise which pack containg the "dead trees" - noticed them on several of the examples (including the graveyard) but i cant find them... can you advise?
FOUND THEM - theyre in the wasteland in rogue adventure!

Another great game from Kevman3D and happy to support as fellow next basic dev!  Love the write ups and insights into how others code.  Dont forget the box artwork for ALL your games :-D

Ah okay.  Thanks for the fast reply. 

Great tilesets!   Just purchased the full bundle.  Fanatastic value! 

great looking character creator.  Are there any plans to create characters in 16x16 ?  These would match the tiels in the various tilesets youre offering at present (and the retro 8 bit machine I'm designnig my game for has sprites are are 16x16!)

Sounds great!  I looked at modifying the lower sections of some of the characters to animate their legs but I'm a lousy animator lol!

thats awesome!  Thanks for sharing.  Look forward to seeing the expanded tile set in the future

great assets!  I've just purchased this set (and previously purchased others from you) - Will the tileset be available for purchase?  Some great looking floor tiles I'd like to be able to use in an 8 bit game I'm making...

love these!

Will you be adding run and walk animations in the future?

Really keen to use them in a dungeon based scroling game I'm developing for a retro computer

thats great!   Thanks for the reply

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This looks great - is there a way to do 16x16 sprites and import specific palettes? (I'm using an 8 bit zx spectrum next system)


another great Next Basic Game!  Love the addition of the code explanations. 

great option to add the line of code - be aware though that if you own hardware and have previously used the config option to map the 8 bit do pads to the "sega" option (whch is the option to ensure correct mapping on the 3 buttons) it may change the button press from button A to either B or C if youre using a different config like the kempston option.  I wonder if in a game theres a way to detect what the config is and alert the user they need to change their config (or have the game adjust itself accordingly).