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how to make a hammer

A topic by AlDuKing created Mar 24, 2017 Views: 1,647 Replies: 6
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feel sort of stupid asking this but how do u make a hammer

  1. update the game to the version just released an hour ago :D (not necessary for your bug but still ;) )
  2. put at least two ingots on the anvil
  3. hold Z to get the selection menu
  4. hover your mouse over "blunts"
  5. release Z
  6. smack the anvil

So the selection of anvil type has been changed to the way I described, you will get the hang of it soon :)

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

(Edit: Nice timing, Slipcor!) Place 2 or 3 ingots on the anvil ( 2 = one hand hammer head, 3 = great hammer head ), then press and hold "Z" on the keyboard to pop up a menu. Highlight "Blunt" with your mouse and either click or release Z to dismiss the menu. Now hammer on the ingots. Happy Smithing!

Thanks guys I was having a hard time with that but u helped a lot. thx

Um...... I think I need a VIDEO about how to make a COPPER one.


....? why would you need a video...?

Heat 2 Copper Ingots
Heat 2 Any other Metal ingots

Place on anvil while they have the "heated" status
Use the Radial menu to ensure Blunts are chosen

Hammer it into a small hammer head.
(Must look like a hammer head for the Blacksmith to make use of it, but a customer will buy it regardless of type (mace/etc)

Take head, cool it in the oil, place it on the Workbench, attach a one-hand Grip to it

You're Done. (When you attach the grip with a cooled head, it will tell you in the bottom corner that you created the item) (All items that Customers will purchase will give you a notification in the bottom corner, If they don't give the notification, You didn't do it right, and it isn't saleable.)

The Blacksmith can use only small hammer head, but they can use one or two hand grips for it. But Only one hand works for Customers.

Large Hammer is done with 3 heated ingots.
When making a weapon, all ingots must match, You can't have 1 tin, 1 iron, and 1 copper, that won't do diddly.

Large hammer uses a 2h grip, same overall process as above.


Hey Kurzidan, when you get a chance, send me an email.