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Medieval Towns

Online game about survival, towns and war · By Brox

Build 4

A topic by Brox created Mar 22, 2017 Views: 540 Replies: 19
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Build 4 is under heavy development and what is planned in it:

  • new map during prototype and alpha: 10x10km (was 5x5)
  • new biomes with default respawn points: forest, snow, desert
  • new resources: iron ore, meteorite ore (I have not yet come up with anything better), golden ore
  • trees will be everywhere, so you will have no problem with wood (about 20k trees on the map)
  • rebalance items:
    • wooden items (like level 1) require only wood - cheap and fragile
  • wipe accounts and buildings (cause new map, new default respawn points, which you may choose on registration)

So, do you have any suggestions?


Awesome game! very funny and a blast to play! worth downloading! 9/10

Thank you for review :)

Please, leave me your contact (email/discord/steam).

I don't know what the end game is for you or what things you might have planned, but have you considered NPC villagers?

It might be interesting to remove the instant construction you currently have and replace it with timed building. For example, you have a store house where you put all of your resources and when you want to build a house, you place a blueprint and your villagers (assuming you plan to add them) go back and forth from the store house to the construction site ad build the house up over a set period of time. If you intend to PVP to be an aspect, this would certainly add some depth and strategy to warfare.

Thank you for suggestion.

Not sure about NPC villagers, but NPC warriors is planned for your group, and planned such NPC as lumberman, hunter, blacksmith (or it will be just buildings). I think about NPC traders. NPC are planned in the end of alpha stage.

Instant construction will be removed, sure. There is a one detail with building by NPC and transfer resources between storehouse and construction site: i intend add outpost (mobile clan respawn for war campaign) and if i want to build far away from storehouse and i have all resources with my group - why i need NPC villagers or need to build local storehouse?

Please, leave me your contact (email/discord/steam).


Thank you so much, man.

I was thinking about a game very similar to this, but I don't have any of the skills necessary to make a game so I thought it was going to be one of those things that would be awesome, but would never see the light of day. I'm so happy someone is making it!

When I said villagers, I was talking about lumberjacks, hunters and warriors as you stated. Just a bunch of specialized minions to do your bidding. Having some regular villagers, though, people without any real purpose would add some nice ambiance to the world, a spark of life. Perhaps something like a spouse for every worker. I don't know how out of way it would be, but it would be pretty cool to have the population of your village grow organically. NPCs meet and have children who take a short while to mature to adults to have a role assigned. Not enough homes and they leave.

For the outposts, you wouldn't necessarily need a store house to draw resources from. You could have resources loaded onto a wagon and the builders could draw the resources from that instead. I think, especially for your outposts and clan wars, it is important that instant construction is gone. For example, if you're the person with a sweet town and an enemy clan rolls up and starts constructing an outpost nearby to stage a siege, you might have a chance to stumble upon the camp before they get a chance to full prepare. That forces both defenders and attacks to be vigilant. Defenders will scout their lands to make sure intruders are scheming and attackers will need to plan carefully where to build an outpost to stage their attack from. Build too far and you lose time travelling to make raids, stage too close and the defenders might find you before you're prepared. It adds depth to the siege gameplay. Also, if they could build instant you might have a full outpost right at your doorstep before you can even react to it. That doesn't seem fun.

I noticed you also mentioned traders, I think that's an awesome idea. A game like this has many different styles of play and layers of gameplay. Adding traders, especially with wagons to form caravans, adds even more depth. When you introduce trading, it lets people delve deeper into specializations. Why do I need to mine when I'm the king of lumber. I'll just trade a bit of wood and we set to go. It also adds what will possibly be the most fun --and annoying-- play style. Highwaymen. Banditry. It's no train heist, but a caravan robbery would be pretty up there.

I'll definitely keep an eye on this! Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you for your support and suggestions.

About NPC families - not sure about this realization, but i'll think about it, why not.

About outposts. I intend to add "carrying" later, so players must have friends or wagon to transfer enough resources for building or gather it around construction site.

About NPC traders. I plan to give them a minor role - simple local trade, but player's trading with caravans between towns is one of main economic role. And NPC robbers/guards (as attacking/defending players) as a consequence of intercity trading.

By the way, perhaps you might be also interested in "Kingdoms" (rich NPC system) and "Realm of Rulers" (NPC villagers).

If they were multiplayer, I would be. That's the most important bit for me. Raiding, trading and roleplaying.

Perhaps carrying items would be a useful idea. Backpacks and pouches, that sort of thing. With nothing equipped, you can carry very little, which makes sense. You could have a few different sized backpacks for carrying different amounts with maybe a speed penalty. That would be interesting for trading/raiding. If you want to trade safely, then you need to do low volume so you move quickly or large scale with many wagons and a guard escort for safety.

I agree limiting the NPCs trading capacity is a good idea. Perhaps caravans can only be formed with a player present to escort from point to point and without a play only individual wagons can be sent. I think players may be a big enough threat to trading, but NPC robbers would be interesting as well.

How many people are working on this game with you?

In fact i'm one :)

I have one friend, who made a music for login menu and another friend made wooden workbench model.

Do you plan on adding walls and siege machines?

Sure! Walls, gates and battering ram will arrived in "siege path" of roadmap firstly.

It might be nice if you added some deer or something. Having to get water and food from structures is quite strange and kind of difficult. Being able to catch or kill food while on the move would help with ranging.

Ok, i will add animal in next build. Build 6 will be about survival.

Awesome! Could we could get a bow in build 6?

I think "no" :) Maybe a spear, not sure. Weapons and armor are planned in build 8. Build 7 will be about towns.

Throwable spears? What about sprinting?

Yes, throwable. Sprinting will be in build 9, i think.