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The project was moved to Steam. Yes, it's planned to attract more developers.

Yep, I have the same problems in the development: 3D-art, etc :)

Please, leave me your contact (email/discord/steam).

Please, leave me your contact (email/discord/steam).

Please, leave me your contact (email/discord/steam).

I dont plan to sale server, maybe later it will be available for customers (like in Rust), not sure.

The game is not so ready at the moment :) What could you offer?

La descarga está deshabilitada.
el servidor está apagado en este momento.

Antes do lançamento da primeira versão de um único jogo algumas semanas, penso.

Hi, the people on the floor are offline players. When you disconnect - you also will do nothing on the floor :) and by the way, anyone else may kill you, so, logoff in safe place.

If you gather resources with bare hands (without tool) near the townhall - you will get 100% tax (at the moment, but later i'll tune the taxing system), so, move away from that place.

It's a 700m radius of taxing now (about 2-3 min to walk). Yes, i have plan to decrease it to 500m. If you walk long time and still are taxed - probably you got in taxing area of another townhall.

Stones on the north-west, big mountains in the center, the sun on the east.

A little shift with plans, i planned a little redevelop a game and it will be a large builds. So, build 6 is just a little fix, not large survival build as planned before. Sorry for that.

Desculpe, mas a versão 32bit não funciona corretamente :(

Sorry, but 32bit version does not work correctly :(

Thank you for your support. I'll try hard :)

(sorry for late answer, i didn't receive notify)

Thank you for report and suggestion.

You can't gather wood (notify: +0 wood) because somebody built townhall near and gathering tax. Townhall has 700m radius taxing area.

I will add tax info to notify window in next build.

About sprint: there is a huge world in the game, it's not "arena" - traveling and gathering different resources must not be a quick and easy.

More crafting stuff available in wooden workbench. More stuff will be in next builds (see roadmap).

Yes, throwable. Sprinting will be in build 9, i think.

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Roadmap for pre-alpha stage of development.

Build 7 (v0.0.7) is about survival. Planned things: animal (removing hunting cell), day/night system, torch, temperature status, campfire (for cooking and keep warm).

Build 8 (v0.0.8) is about towns. Planned things: walls, gate, market (players trading), battering ram.

Build 9 (v0.0.9) is about war. Planned things: weapons, armors, clans.

Build 10 (v0.1.0) is a first early-alpha build, it's a reporting build (fixes, etc).

I think "no" :) Maybe a spear, not sure. Weapons and armor are planned in build 8. Build 7 will be about towns.

Ok, i will add animal in next build. Build 6 will be about survival.

Sure! Walls, gates and battering ram will arrived in "siege path" of roadmap firstly.

Yes, i do, but logs are not so detailed at the moment.

In fact i'm one :)

I have one friend, who made a music for login menu and another friend made wooden workbench model.

Checked eating/drinking - it works. You have 52 water in 3 slot and 138 meat in 4 slot.

Sun is always on East (till i'll add day/night). Big mountains are in center. Stones are on North-West. I'll add map picture in next builds.

Thank you for your support and suggestions.

About NPC families - not sure about this realization, but i'll think about it, why not.

About outposts. I intend to add "carrying" later, so players must have friends or wagon to transfer enough resources for building or gather it around construction site.

About NPC traders. I plan to give them a minor role - simple local trade, but player's trading with caravans between towns is one of main economic role. And NPC robbers/guards (as attacking/defending players) as a consequence of intercity trading.

By the way, perhaps you might be also interested in "Kingdoms" (rich NPC system) and "Realm of Rulers" (NPC villagers).

Thank you for suggestion.

Not sure about NPC villagers, but NPC warriors is planned for your group, and planned such NPC as lumberman, hunter, blacksmith (or it will be just buildings). I think about NPC traders. NPC are planned in the end of alpha stage.

Instant construction will be removed, sure. There is a one detail with building by NPC and transfer resources between storehouse and construction site: i intend add outpost (mobile clan respawn for war campaign) and if i want to build far away from storehouse and i have all resources with my group - why i need NPC villagers or need to build local storehouse?

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Thank you for review!

  1. Yep, i forget to include these animations :)) will be added later.
  2. Ok, i'll see what can do.
  3. Thanks, i'll think about it.
  4. Yep, it's multiplayer since the beginning. But online is low at the moment (the high i've seen was 2).
  5. No, the map is one. No, i dont have such plans exactly.
  6. Male/female option will be later. Attributes are big question, because i want exclude "leveling" characters for fast integration new players to the game.

Thank you for review :)

Build 4 is under heavy development and what is planned in it:

  • new map during prototype and alpha: 10x10km (was 5x5)
  • new biomes with default respawn points: forest, snow, desert
  • new resources: iron ore, meteorite ore (I have not yet come up with anything better), golden ore
  • trees will be everywhere, so you will have no problem with wood (about 20k trees on the map)
  • rebalance items:
    • wooden items (like level 1) require only wood - cheap and fragile
  • wipe accounts and buildings (cause new map, new default respawn points, which you may choose on registration)

So, do you have any suggestions?

Hi, no problem, enjoy :)

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Hm, build 3 was uploaded for all 3 platforms. Did you download

And what build version in main menu?

Thank you for your feedback, it really helped me locate bugs and helps me make game better!

About workbench: sorry, my mistake - i changed build on server, but didn't check old game client. I uploaded build 2 (must fixed this).

About stack: strange, but it must work.

About food and drink: you have to build hunting cell (generates meat) and water collector (generates water), it's available in workbench. Later i'll change survival system: add animals, etc.

If player body in horizontal position - it's player in logoff, you may kill him and get his loot.

AI will be later, but it will be not possible to play without internet, because multiplayer is one of main game features... at the moment.