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Medieval Towns

Online game about survival, towns and war · By Brox

Can't drink

A topic by Wakefield created Mar 29, 2017 Views: 163 Replies: 3
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I was just running around looking for some stone (way too rare) and I needed to eat and drink. I ate a couple of pieces of meat, but when I tried to drink, it wouldn't let me. My character just swung a punch. As I kept clicking, he kept throwing punches and my stack of meat broke in half and spread to the next slot. My meat was keyed to 4 and my water to 3.

I now have 1 piece of meat on my hotbar I can't eat and can't drink. I'm abut to restart my client, but I thought I'd point this out.

Checked eating/drinking - it works. You have 52 water in 3 slot and 138 meat in 4 slot.

Sun is always on East (till i'll add day/night). Big mountains are in center. Stones are on North-West. I'll add map picture in next builds.

I went back to my base and picked up some water. Do you have logs?

Yes, i do, but logs are not so detailed at the moment.