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Medieval Towns

Online game about survival, towns and war · By Brox

A problem and a few suggestions

A topic by Shadow97Wolf created Apr 04, 2017 Views: 280 Replies: 3
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You can't gather wood. That or it just does not keep track of it. I also suggest maybe the ability to sprint cause you move pretty sluggishly. It'd probably be nice to have more crafting stuff as well.

Thank you for report and suggestion.

You can't gather wood (notify: +0 wood) because somebody built townhall near and gathering tax. Townhall has 700m radius taxing area.

I will add tax info to notify window in next build.

About sprint: there is a huge world in the game, it's not "arena" - traveling and gathering different resources must not be a quick and easy.

More crafting stuff available in wooden workbench. More stuff will be in next builds (see roadmap).

this is a great game but dont leave the game unfinished never give up i see great potental in this game

Thank you for your support. I'll try hard :)

(sorry for late answer, i didn't receive notify)