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Thank you so much, man.

I was thinking about a game very similar to this, but I don't have any of the skills necessary to make a game so I thought it was going to be one of those things that would be awesome, but would never see the light of day. I'm so happy someone is making it!

When I said villagers, I was talking about lumberjacks, hunters and warriors as you stated. Just a bunch of specialized minions to do your bidding. Having some regular villagers, though, people without any real purpose would add some nice ambiance to the world, a spark of life. Perhaps something like a spouse for every worker. I don't know how out of way it would be, but it would be pretty cool to have the population of your village grow organically. NPCs meet and have children who take a short while to mature to adults to have a role assigned. Not enough homes and they leave.

For the outposts, you wouldn't necessarily need a store house to draw resources from. You could have resources loaded onto a wagon and the builders could draw the resources from that instead. I think, especially for your outposts and clan wars, it is important that instant construction is gone. For example, if you're the person with a sweet town and an enemy clan rolls up and starts constructing an outpost nearby to stage a siege, you might have a chance to stumble upon the camp before they get a chance to full prepare. That forces both defenders and attacks to be vigilant. Defenders will scout their lands to make sure intruders are scheming and attackers will need to plan carefully where to build an outpost to stage their attack from. Build too far and you lose time travelling to make raids, stage too close and the defenders might find you before you're prepared. It adds depth to the siege gameplay. Also, if they could build instant you might have a full outpost right at your doorstep before you can even react to it. That doesn't seem fun.

I noticed you also mentioned traders, I think that's an awesome idea. A game like this has many different styles of play and layers of gameplay. Adding traders, especially with wagons to form caravans, adds even more depth. When you introduce trading, it lets people delve deeper into specializations. Why do I need to mine when I'm the king of lumber. I'll just trade a bit of wood and we set to go. It also adds what will possibly be the most fun --and annoying-- play style. Highwaymen. Banditry. It's no train heist, but a caravan robbery would be pretty up there.

I'll definitely keep an eye on this! Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you for your support and suggestions.

About NPC families - not sure about this realization, but i'll think about it, why not.

About outposts. I intend to add "carrying" later, so players must have friends or wagon to transfer enough resources for building or gather it around construction site.

About NPC traders. I plan to give them a minor role - simple local trade, but player's trading with caravans between towns is one of main economic role. And NPC robbers/guards (as attacking/defending players) as a consequence of intercity trading.

By the way, perhaps you might be also interested in "Kingdoms" (rich NPC system) and "Realm of Rulers" (NPC villagers).