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I don't know what the end game is for you or what things you might have planned, but have you considered NPC villagers?

It might be interesting to remove the instant construction you currently have and replace it with timed building. For example, you have a store house where you put all of your resources and when you want to build a house, you place a blueprint and your villagers (assuming you plan to add them) go back and forth from the store house to the construction site ad build the house up over a set period of time. If you intend to PVP to be an aspect, this would certainly add some depth and strategy to warfare.

Thank you for suggestion.

Not sure about NPC villagers, but NPC warriors is planned for your group, and planned such NPC as lumberman, hunter, blacksmith (or it will be just buildings). I think about NPC traders. NPC are planned in the end of alpha stage.

Instant construction will be removed, sure. There is a one detail with building by NPC and transfer resources between storehouse and construction site: i intend add outpost (mobile clan respawn for war campaign) and if i want to build far away from storehouse and i have all resources with my group - why i need NPC villagers or need to build local storehouse?

Please, leave me your contact (email/discord/steam).