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Dungeon Train VR Infinite Looter - on Oculus Quest

An infinite train of procedurally generated dungeon carriages, where you explore and loot in virtual reality. · By Brennan Hatton

Only oculus quest?

A topic by Summerspark created Feb 19, 2020 Views: 128 Replies: 5
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Dumb as the question is, does this seriously only work on the Quest? How come it doesn't work on other VR devices?


Hey Summer,   it is early days of the development and supporting other hardware would take away from my time on building the core game.  I have designed it in a way so it should be easy to port over to other headsets when I am ready.  I chose the Oculus Quest to start with because it is my favorite headset, and if it runs on the Quest it should run on PC VR pretty easy too.

If there is enough demand/ questions about this, I might upload some unofficially-supported PCVR build so people can test it on other headsets. But I don't want to put the time into testing on every headset yet.

Also, I don't build for anything less than 3 points of tack on principle, so I don't think I will ever officially support Oculus Go XD, but I assume youre not asking about that.

Which headset would you like to see it on?

TBH i bought the Rift a year or two back. I heard the Quest had some pretty low specs, hence the surprise. I thought all oculus devices would likely be supported  if one was, I dunno how this tech works.

Developer (1 edit)

The Quest has low specs, but runs really well. Especially if the game is designed for it. 

The Oculus Quest has a  slight different setup in the engine  as it is running on android instead of windows. Which means I will need to make a different build for PCVR than the Quest, and do a lot of file conversation every-time I make a build. A minimum I need to leave my computer processing files  potentially a few extra hours per build, time which  I than cant  spend working on the game. Which is tough as I am build this outside of my work hours, and it already keeps me up to 3am shipping a new update, so waiting an extra 2 hours isn't a great option just yet.   That doesn't include time testing on another headset, and time spent fixing bugs. 

Fair enough. I'll keep watching just in case it happens. Cool idea you've got going though, and I hope it goes well :)


Thank you! Please do. Hopefully sooner than later :)