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Unfortunately encountered an error where there was no sprite for a loose block. Wish you could've at least finished the art for what was there - were this not abandonware i'd probably have chipped a few dollars.

Fair enough. I'll keep watching just in case it happens. Cool idea you've got going though, and I hope it goes well :)

TBH i bought the Rift a year or two back. I heard the Quest had some pretty low specs, hence the surprise. I thought all oculus devices would likely be supported  if one was, I dunno how this tech works.

Dumb as the question is, does this seriously only work on the Quest? How come it doesn't work on other VR devices?

Been a huge fan since I saw your absolute legend of a game on an old, old vinny stream. I don't do kickstarter often, and I don't usually buy into the weird games as more than an observer. You bet your ass I did both of those things today. Good luck, and I hope to see this progress!