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Me too!! hahah

Oh remote control swords and weapons is a very fun idea! XD  Yes and necromancy,   that is usually my go-to as well. Love all the othesr too. Glad to hear that Dockside. Be sure to join the Discord to be involved in day-to-day developments

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Itch just let me know the refund is now being processed and should be in your account in a few days.


We have refunded their payment. It may take few days for it to appear on their statement depending on the payment method used.

Please let us know if there is anything else you need, Thanks"

*Note I requested this as soon as  I saw your post.

Thats a cool idea!


I really appreciate your involvement in the community and the game!  Its really awesome.

Thanks  Mattecko!! Great to hear how the game is being perceived. Looking forward to your input in the community.

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Fantastic! Super glad to hear all of this. Performance is such a complex  thing with so many different parts, that even when I am sure I have improved it, I don't really know until someone else says something like this! Its one of those "Well  I'm pretty sure I fixed it on my end, I really hope this works for  other people" kinda thing. So thank you for this wonderful message!

Hah! That is good to know, I will look into that.

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Not yet. It almost certainly will later this year. Perhaps in a few months. I am not committing to timelines yet.
I want to focus on  the core elements of the game first for one platform before I get distracted with supporting multiple devices. This will allow me to publish updates faster and focus on making sure the game is really good as a priority.

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Man I really want to do magic equipment. The first one I want to do is gauntlets  that extend your reach through telekinesis. Using the runes to teach is a great idea!

This is awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing. I am really hoping I can make use of hand tracking for magic.
It would be great if Oculus changes their system so you can have one hand tracked, and one controller.

Thanks mate! The work you have done on the interaction system is outstanding, and I cant wait for what it is going to allow me to add next!

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New Interaction  Frame is coming next.

  • Smooth Locomotion (and turning  with teleporting)
  • VR Hands
  • Physics based interactions (just fixing a few bugs here before release). 

I don't want to commit to a release date, because right now I just need to figure out these bugs. But that could take anyway from hours to days, its hard to know because if I knew I would have fixed them already.   The lack of knowing is also draining, which sadly makes it slower.    The engagement from the community  really helps pull my head out of the annoying bugs I get lost in to help me make progress on other areas so I can come back and look at  different angle.

One of those things that has come out of the community engagement is story that has been in development. It  will get its first light of day in this next update, I just added it in today! Only a small part of a much larger story (there are peaks, and spoilers in the discord. You should have got an email from me with an invite to that)

 The frame work    will also    path the way for a lot of things in future updates including 

  • Inventory & weapon slots
  • Bows

and more.

hahaha thanks Starfallrally! It was definitely a  bug, but I also love it. I think I will keep it!    It fits in well with the infinite theme.

Yes I think so!

Good ideas. Simple, I like it!

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Hey  Crystal,

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your honesty.    Where could I do better in setting expectations for the current status of the game?

Smooth locomotion is coming next! Along with the interaction framework. There is a lot of exiting things coming, and this next update will likely not be out for a  week or few.

"this is more a pet peeve than anything but its so much more immersive if holding the grip button holds the object and letting go drops it without it sticking to my hand" 

This is a tricky one. I agree! But that is how it was initially, but the feedback has been overwhelming been make it sticky. 

Great, smooth locomotion should be part of the next update.

Got it! Well  I just bought this, so if integration goes well, expect all of the above and even more   exciting things soon

Thank you! Yes I will definitely be adding that as clearly it's important to s lot for people by how often I get asked XD. It's going to be a little bit of work though, so I need to prioritize and do it at the right time.

What feels more important to you at this stage, improving the main game mechanics or adding smooth locomotion?

Hey  Inspecter,

Thank you very much! Glad to have your support. Once you pay, you access to future releases with no extra cost! 

hah, well that makes a lot of   sense. Yeah I will, thanks!

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Right now they work similar to the tardis in Dr Who. They look smaller from the outside than they do from the inside.  If you look through a window, or a hole in the wall, you cant necessarily tell how big the next carriage is, only from looking directly into it through the door can you get a sense   for its size. This is pretty much limited to width, not length as you wouldn't tell the length by looking through a window anyway.

A few things worth noting here.

1 - There are bugs with how it currently works and sometimes walls /roof are visible when they shouldn't be or objects / items in the room. This is also why the floor disappears sometimes although somewhat rarely.  I've been looking for that bug for over a week now, hopefully I find it soon!!!

2- I have built some features I am yet to release that will make  carriages  turn into themselves and walk back on itself.   However, I have put this on pause as the feedback  I am getting from the community is focus on the looting, & enemies first. 

What do you think? Should i be prioritizing  non-euclidean spaces?

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I am planning on adding magic to the game and am looking for ideas on what different spells could be. From potions, or hand casting.

For now I have some general categories I want to expand upon, but also open to more.

1 - Looting

Things like 


Unlock Chest.

Increase speed /  Increase teleport distance

2 -  Combat

Pretty simple.

Do damage.

Reduce damage done to self.

Freeze enemy etc

 3 - Collaborative

Healing Allies

Making an enemy a friend

What do you think? What else could there be? What are the best ideas?
Thanks   @FishyFish29 for raising this in Discord.

Thanks MonMaxibon, Glad to hear you think it is the right path! 

Thanks Nullnvoid. Yes the taming is a strong idea, a few people are suggesting it. I also like the idea of equipping and customizing them and changing the perception of enemies.

I think making them useful like collecting loot is a good direction to take it. 

I am also thinking of having a mode that is just, keep your companion alive. That's the whole goal.

Taming the creatures in the game I think is a good ideal.

Awesome, thanks. Have you come across the green slimes  yet? Or are they too simple / easy.

I am looking at either doing companions or enemies in the next update. So now is a great time to share every idea you have on how to do simple    improvements additions to those.

What do you mean by properly  grab objects? are you referring to the how the weapons sit in the wrong direction in your hand, or  something about grabbing other objects?
I am  planning on doing a UI overhaul in the next few months, with a new VR system. I could do most of these interactions   stuff    with a quick fix until than , thanks!

An infinite train of procedural generated dungeon carriages, where you explore and loot in virtual reality. 

Itch  page Here

Inspired by an episode of adventure time, where Fin and Jake find themselves on an infinite train battling enemies and collecting loot from carriage to carriage. 

Passing through mountains to country-side, you explore the endless carriages of the dungeon train collecting items and loot. Every carriage is a unique adventure with over hundreds of items and props. From carriages open to the breeze, to hidden treasure, mysterious ruins with puzzles and non-euclidean carriages that defy the laws of physics. Find equipmentenchantments, weapons, and tools to help you loot.

Find out more at

- Development Status -

This game is still in development.  Right now I am focusing on improving the game-play. There are so many exciting  and fun direction this project could go. Right now   I am working closely with the  community to  shape the   direction of the project from  early adopters. Most changes I am making to the game are  a direct result of conversations I've had with the community.   If you're interested in how this is going, check out the development blog. If you want to support the project in a non-financial way, you can read more about that here.

The price of this game will increase as it reaches further stages of development, but those who buy it now keep access to it and future release. Lines crossed out in description are not yet available. I may still take this game in a few different directions, and am currently exploring the different stores and modes of game play I could take it. By buying it now, you will get a chance to try these different modes and provide input  on its direction. Non-euclidean  spaces are currently quite limited.

There are still many bugs I am working out. At this stage  your money is going towards furthering development.

Platform  Support

This game currently supports only the Oculus Quest. I expect I will do SteamVR support and PC Support in the future, but right now I am focusing  on improve the core game-play.

Installation of the application for your Oculus Quest is done through    SideQuest

Instructions on installation can be found at


For  general feedback and questions, please leave a comment on the community page. For press, contact

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Thanks for the video, links and thoughts on items, interesting to think about! 

ps: I love Ukuleles, thats hilarious that they are an item.

I just did a blog post going into more details about ideas I have on compassion I think you might find interesting. I am going to edit it now to add in a comment you just made!
Also, you should join the discord for real-time discussion about features & items as they are in development. 

Thank you! I have built a simple PC interface for it, so  I can test it in the editor. I think eventually I will build PC support to improve testing and that will mean, yes! But its not at a stage yet that I would be comfortable sharing / selling for that. 

Hardware support priority will likely be
Quest - Done
PC-NoVR - Next (because it will help me make the game faster). This might not happen for a month or so. Maybe more.
PCVR -  Yes, timelines unclear.
Mobile  -   Maybe? Unliekly, but its possible and if there is

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True, but I think the episode  is also about Jake's compassion and support for   Fin as he is going through an emotional and hard time.  Which he is dealing with through violence, at cost to Jake.

Right now I am thinking, yes lets make a hack and slash dungeon crawler, but can  I also  make game-play around compassion that is even better? Where the user has a choice on how they want to play  it.

haha yes I love the  battle moon!  I should definitely put something or a few things in inspired by that.

I think more items is a great idea. Can you tell me more about the items in   Risk of Rain and what makes  them so great? Examples would be awesome, or a short video I can watch that shows this off.

Thank you! Please do. Hopefully sooner than later :)

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The Quest has low specs, but runs really well. Especially if the game is designed for it. 

The Oculus Quest has a  slight different setup in the engine  as it is running on android instead of windows. Which means I will need to make a different build for PCVR than the Quest, and do a lot of file conversation every-time I make a build. A minimum I need to leave my computer processing files  potentially a few extra hours per build, time which  I than cant  spend working on the game. Which is tough as I am build this outside of my work hours, and it already keeps me up to 3am shipping a new update, so waiting an extra 2 hours isn't a great option just yet.   That doesn't include time testing on another headset, and time spent fixing bugs. 

Hey Summer,   it is early days of the development and supporting other hardware would take away from my time on building the core game.  I have designed it in a way so it should be easy to port over to other headsets when I am ready.  I chose the Oculus Quest to start with because it is my favorite headset, and if it runs on the Quest it should run on PC VR pretty easy too.

If there is enough demand/ questions about this, I might upload some unofficially-supported PCVR build so people can test it on other headsets. But I don't want to put the time into testing on every headset yet.

Also, I don't build for anything less than 3 points of tack on principle, so I don't think I will ever officially support Oculus Go XD, but I assume youre not asking about that.

Which headset would you like to see it on?