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Looking for Game Dev to partner with?

A topic by Disaster created Feb 19, 2020 Views: 376 Replies: 16
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Apologies if this doesn't belong here, I tried putting it in the right place, but this is my first post.

I have ideas and I'd love to partner up with a game developer to further myself as an artist and concept writer. 

I used to work with Raven-Woods on here, as volunteer, head administrator, but I departed. Now, I'd like to look again. If anyone is willing to work with me and take me under their wing, I'd be thrilled. I have ideas, a Discord and an eagerness to learn.

Do contact me <3 !

Edit: Thank you to the moderator for moving this to the right category. I was lost xD. <3 @NoTimeToPlay

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Hi, what kind of art do you specialize in? I'm looking for a 2D background artist for the 7DRL Challenge game jam coming up. Do you have links to your past work, or a discord I can contact you through?

Hi @innomin,

I would like to assist you in your requirement for 2D bg artist.

Please reach me: rachel at cisinlabs dot com



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?? Is this even allowed XD? To reply to others offers with your own advertisement?

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Yea, I have a Discord, hon! I specialize in digital art. Mostly animals, but I think some people would disagree and say humans. You're free to disagree and look for yourself. 

See if you prefer it or if you would like to view someone else's work. <3

I appreciate the opportunity and you viewing my work. Thank you!

Discord: Disaster#4866 . As for my work, I can gladly link you my site.

More links are on my profile page, to my Deviantart and such :) .


Hiya! I'd love to see some of your work if you have any links to it! What kind of art do you do? Are you a more character/sprite artist or background artist?


I would say I'm more of a character artist than a background. I could fiddle with backgrounds. It's been a while since I've done a background, but I do think I could honestly try. There's no hurting trying, and I have no issue pairing with any developer willing to take me in like the last one, who was teaching me about what little she knew about design and coding while letting me contribute what I could. She credited me in her games. Hopefully, it's still there!

I'd love to find another developer like her, with a strong bond and develop a game or maybe more.

That's cool! Can you send me a link to one of the games your art features in? I'd love to see some! <3

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I think my art was removed, but I was in the credits.

I was training under her wing to create models. In the previous games development I created her bot's "character" 'Watchdog' that guarded the game from hackers. When you triggered the antihack, an antihack cheat screen triggered my art, which was Watchdog, bloody and growling. It's very VERYYYYYYYYYYYYY old, and I'm sort of ashamed xD. . . I am trying to contact her and ask her if I'm still in it, or at least to verify to you all I was. But I think I was removed when we lost contact and my art was removed. 

Here it is. Gah. No judging on past art, please. Or do, xD.

Here's the link to my art site, gah. I feel it's necessary after such atrocity.:
Old Watchdog by Sarrynn

Watchdog (c) Raven-Woods Development & Sarrynn on Deviantart

Dude, that is so much better than anything I could do, don't worry. I checked out your site and you seem to have a great grasp on creature anatomy! Are you interested in visual novels? Also, what's your favourite game genre?

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I'm interested in any game, really that has a strong lore. Survival and horror catch my heart the most due to storytelling and graphics.

I appreciate your compliments and your gracious kindness towards my hideous old art ;;. tysm. As much as an artist, I'd generally like to just collaborate as a head admin with a development team and writer as well. I'm not the most creative, but I can spring some ideas with someone.

Thank you for your time, and I am so thrilled and honored you showed me interest.


Thank you for posting your art! I would absolutely love to see any game projects you end up working with in the future, I'll have to keep an eye out! Have an awesome day <3


My discord is Disaster#4866 , and I'm open to inquiries or continuance of this conversation if you want. Thank you. You as well!

Hi! Your art looks great! We are willing to help and talk more to find out more about what kind of partnership you are talking about. Are you wanting to join a team or work with a team? Can we contact you on discord?

You of course can message me on Discord. I'm delighted you think so. I want to join a team, if possible or maybe the other, if you unfortunately have no room for me yet! 

You can of course contact me, again. Disaster#4866 :)

Still looking, if anyone is interested!


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