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i think it was a strategic move on their part - if you look at most websites, the options they don't want you to choose are smaller and less visible (like saying no to cookies, unsubscribing to email lists etc). it's unlikely they'd make this update because they get a cut off the revenues on games and i doubt they'd make an update that would decrease profits, as useful as it may be.

i'm pretty busy at the moment with studying and previous projects but this is an idea that i find interesting so if you want someone to bounce ideas off, i'd be interestedotherwise, when the game's out let me know because i found danganronpa, your turn to die and similar games really interested and would love to play yours when it's done!

ah! i almost completely forgot to ask, in terms of paid work, what are your rates? we've got a pretty limited budget but i'm totally happy to pay you for your work.

hey! currently in the process of making a murder mystery visual novel/point-and-click set in the ~2030s. music is pretty much finished, sound effects are in the works, writing is 80% finished, other than aspects of act 4 and the beginning of act 5. i can send you a summary of the entire story so far if you're interested to see if it's the kind of story you'd be into, if not, that's completely okay! i do really like your style though, it feels both clean and gritty at the same time? i'd love to see it in a dark comedy, action or thriller game or something. i'll have to follow your work, let me know if your work shows up in a game!


selina :D

hey! i've got a project in the works and if you're interested it would be awesome to work with you on some concept art! it's a murder mystery visual novel/point-and-click set in in the ~2030s-2040s. it's a kinda cyberpunk city called Trois and after the main character gets arrested and framed for murder, the story really kicks into gear. let me know if you're interested and i'll send you a summary of the whole story over discord so you can see if it's your style :D

hey! currently working on a murder mystery visual novel set in ~2030 with some point and click elements. the script is finished apart from act 4 and some of the conversation lines. we have someone working on the sound effects and the music is pretty much completely finished. the only thing we have left to work on is the final bit of the writing, the art and the coding. let me know if you're interested and i'll send you the summary of the whole story so you can see if it's your thing :)

Hiya! Do you have any social media/links to a portfolio? I would love to see more of your art; your style is lovely!

Our game is still currently in the works, though when it is finished I would be delighted to work with you if you're still free! :D

Hey! I don't know if your offer is still valid, but if it is, I'm currently working on a game - it's a murder mystery point-and-click/visual novel  set in a prison, 10-25 years into the future. I know that's a vague synopsis but if that at all interests you, we're looking for a new sprite artist and would love to have you on board! I'd be happy to tell you more, if you'd like! (Though obviously I'd understand if you were busy with all the new projects, haha)

Hey! This seems like a really interesting preposition; I'd love to see some of your UI designs!

Hiya! I'm working on a visual novel/point-an-click game that's set to be out by December/January,  so if that's within a reasonable timeframe for you, I'd love to work with you! Currently we're looking for a UI artist (I've been trying to make some stand-in UI assets but they are... far from professional and it would be awesome to get something more refined!) If you're interested, my discord is alveoli ravioli#2650, I've sent you a request!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! :D

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Your artwork's hella pretty! I love the lighting in the last one and your two lineless pieces are also absolutely lovely! I look forward to seeing a game in your style one day! <3

Your work is awesome! I love how cinematic it is, it's really impressive! My game doesn't use Unity but if I ever work on one that does I'll be sure to contact you! :D

I sent you a request! (alveoli ravioli#2650) I'm excited to work with you!

Hiya! Do you have a discord you can be contacted through?

Your art style's hella pretty and very cute, Id love to work on a project with you sometime, or see more of the visual novels you've worked with! :D

Hey! Your art style is really pretty and Limbokin is a hella cool game! I'd love to see more from you, and more games your art features in! <3

Your art style and animations are both absolutely gorgeous! I love the expressiveness of your art and how buttery smooth your animations are <3 Can't wait to see your art in a game! :)

I first got interested in making games near the end of last year, and am currently making my first! The team already has a musician, but I'd love to get in touch to maybe use one of your tracks in another game if this one goes well! :D

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Your tracks are a bop! They're awesome <3

Hey, your art style's pretty cool! I'm working on a visual novel at the moment, I can tell you a little more about it and the backgrounds we're looking for - if you're interested, hit me up on discord (alveoli ravioli#2650).

I'd love to see some of your UIs! :)

oh my dear lord. the storytelling in this is absolutely incredible, and the atmosphere is delightfully moody. i'd love to see more stories told within this universe, or just told in this style! the limited colour palette with the orange, the music - everything. it's genuinely wonderful. i hope to see more from you!

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Thanks for the response! Still looking at various artists, but I'll let you know! :D

this story was really interesting! i didn't expect to root for Lydia so much; i really feel for her, especially the way daniel treated her and thought about her, but i also kind of understand why he acted the way he did :( i also really want to go read some of the work from that author now! i thought the author and novels were made up for the sake of the story but i'm excited to go check them out!

Hi! I'm currently writing for a murder mystery visual novel/point-and-click that was looking into some GUI for. The game is currently still a-ways from being finished, so at the moment I'm just looking at people's different styles and prices, and am not looking for something done just yet. It's a project with a pretty small budget, so my options with pricing are pretty limited. If you are/know of any gui artists with interesting styles and pretty low rates , let me know! I'd like to check them out!

Hey dude! You seem like a pretty cool guy, and this sounds like a great offer! Do you have any experience with Python or Ren'py?

Your art style's so expressive and I'm living for the colours in that first picture <3 I'm definitely gonna have to check out any games your art ends up featured in :D

If you're still looking for someone, I saw three other posts who might fit the bill?

Woah, your art is gorgeous (terrifying, but gorgeous)! If I didn't know any better I would've thought they were traditional paintings, you have a very painterly art style and I am absolutely living for it. Your lighting and colour work all blends together really well to make some horrifying, ominous (but really heckin good) compositions. I'll absolutely have to check out any horror games your art ends up featuring in - or any game in general!

Hi! I'm working on a point-and-click/visual novel murder mystery game which I am currently the sole writer for. It's one of my first major writing projects so it'd be awesome to get some help from someone with more experience, and even if you don't have much time to help write, it'd be wonderful to get some feedback! :D If you're interested and available, either send me a private message on here or if you'd prefer, my discord is 'alveoli ravioli#2650'. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Played the game through twice! Added you!

Your art is hella pretty and your characters all have such clear personality from design alone, I'd love to see any games featuring your work! :)

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I love the colours in your Hotline Miami sample and in the other two your linework is super clean! In the mouse one I particularly like the composition <3 I'd love to see a game with your art style in it! :D

Your art is really heckin pretty - your use of colour is especially appealing! I hadn't heard of Cauldrun before but I'll definitely have to play it now <3 I look forward to seeing any games you're involved in in the future! :))

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I'm writing a murder mystery visual novel and I'd love to enlist your services for some sound design! My discord is alveoli ravioli#2650, hit me up if you're interested and I'll tell you more! :)

Your art is awesome - I love your use of colour and your art style in general looks really fun :)! I'd love to see any games your at ends up in (particularly if you can use a fish as a weapon)!