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[Artist] [UNPAID] 2D Character Designer & Artist

A topic by saltysprout created 10 days ago Views: 142 Replies: 9
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Hello! I'm a 2D character designer who wants to help contribute character art to a game! I'm not looking for paid work, as long as I vibe with the concept of the game, I'm in. My interests are fantasy, RPG/JRPG, cute, plants, visual novel, dating sim, turn based stuff. I'm not too into the sci-fi genre, robots, futuristic, cyberpunk etc.

I have taken part as a character and concept designer in the past for fangames, and other indie game work. Right now, I'm working on a VN game. I have some knowledge in very basic frame animation as well, which you can see in my portfolio below.

My goal is to have a game out there that I can be proud of, that's all, so I hope I can find a team or someone I can vibe with and we can create something fun together!

Please take a look at my portfolio and see if my styles catch your eye. I can mimic styles somewhat, but I much prefer creating original styles.


saltysprout#8692 on Discord


Hi! I love your style! I would love to have more developed stories to work with you in a VN or similar.
Wish you luck!

Hit me up when you feel comfortable sharing! ☺


what is your discord?

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Hi! My discord is saltysprout#8692

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Hiya, we're currently looking for 2D artists who might want to join our team and help us work on our projects and your style looks almost exactly like what we have right now. could you give me your discord so that we can talk some more? or if you'd like you can add me instead with Katsu Drako#6265

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Hello! My discord is saltysprout#8692, DM me and lemme know a bit more! I'd love to see if I'd be a good fit!


Howdy! I love the vibe. I'm making a LGBTQ+ Visual novel set in a high fantasy setting. DM me at Kry#814 if you wanna chat more!

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Nice, def interested in learning a bit more of that! saltysprout#8692 is my discord username if you'd like to message me there!


Your art style's hella pretty and very cute, Id love to work on a project with you sometime, or see more of the visual novels you've worked with! :D