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Html5 game with no audio in the app?

A topic by LeSam created 9 days ago Views: 58 Replies: 2
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I’ve just released a game and on the itch app version, there is no sound. Is it something to do with a chrome html5 package app permissions? I’m not familiar with any of this if someone could help me out^^

Has anybody had the same problem with a webgame on the app?

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I’ve had this too when I used Chromium. I later switched to Firefox and it seemed to be working there fine. Strangely enough the issue fixed itself in Chromium later on. I have no explanations for why that is.

Am still on Firefox and your game does have music.

But, what can I say but that Electron sucks :).


Thanks @mid for your input :)

I have found the issue however! I’m writing this here if anyone ever has this. It’s specific to Phaser 3. I also add the issue when I was porting the game through PhoneGap Build. The problem comes from using HTML5Audio. Switching to using WebAudio seemed to fix it for both cases!