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PixelCNC - VirtualBox compatible?

A topic by alexaser created Feb 08, 2020 Views: 169 Replies: 7
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I am a Mac and Linux user. Just discovered this project and wanted to test by myself, unfortunately PixelCNC don't seems to be very friendly with VirtualBox 6.1. There are any chances to make this software to run into a VirtualBox machine?

And here is PixelCNC running on Wine5 on MacOS 10.14.6:

Ok, actually it is running after pressing the Ok button on the error window:


Hi, there currently is no concrete plans to support running in VM or otherwise any emulated versions of Windows. Currently only native Windows is supported but a native Linux build might be in the cards, likely not for quite some time unfortunately. The situation tends to be PixelCNC's reliance on some advanced functionality in OpenGL that VM/emulation for some reason doesn't work with very well, particularly API calls which pertain to multithreaded OpenGL interaction. Barring a Linux build, if there's a way to get it running reliably via VM/emulation then that's something I'd be willing to look into. Let me know if you run into any other issues running it via Wine, the glShareLists error that popped up indicates that multithreaded OpenGL support probably isn't present which may interfere with proper function.

Ok, I am happy that will be a Linux version. For now it is running great using Wine5 stable version. If will be any regressions, I will report back.

hi alexaser

     I'm betting that with more use you have found that although pixelCNC looks like it is running fine at first, it actually still has problems that make using it in linux impossible. I have tried it on Debian 9.0 using wine as well and found it would freeze up and other problems (can't remember everything it wouldn't do now). I got the same error message that you did and I could get it to run by clicking OK but it ran into problems when I actually tried to create a toolpath. I wasn't using Wine5 though, so if you have found a way to make it run properly in Linux I would love to know how. That way I wouldn't have to keep switching between windows and linux on a dual booted machine. I actually installed win7 on this machine just so I could run pixelCNC. Its such a useful program and getting better all the time....Im having a lot of fun with it and I wish it ran natively in Linux....hope you are too.

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I agree that a native Linux version will be the best. Myself I just experimented to see if I can run PixelCNC on my Linux and MacOS Machines. I don't use Windows from some good years now.


I did find some posts from the developers of WINE that explain why multithreaded OpenGL applications don't work very well unless they employ a very specific method for initialization. I might be able to get PixelCNC at least running under WINE - at the very least - so there is hope! Otherwise I'll be working with a friend to port it over to OSX and Linux - most of which should go pretty smooth but there are some Windows-specific API calls being made only because there wasn't a usable cross-platform method to achieve the same result (like the open/save file dialog boxes for loading/saving projects, exporting G-code, loading layer input media, etc as well as the color-choose dialog for customizing the view/UI appearance. There's a few other windows-specific things that will need changing but in the meantime there's a chance I'll be able to at least get it running reliably under WINE. I'll try a few things in the code for v1.43a that you can test out and see how it fares.