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I did find some posts from the developers of WINE that explain why multithreaded OpenGL applications don't work very well unless they employ a very specific method for initialization. I might be able to get PixelCNC at least running under WINE - at the very least - so there is hope! Otherwise I'll be working with a friend to port it over to OSX and Linux - most of which should go pretty smooth but there are some Windows-specific API calls being made only because there wasn't a usable cross-platform method to achieve the same result (like the open/save file dialog boxes for loading/saving projects, exporting G-code, loading layer input media, etc as well as the color-choose dialog for customizing the view/UI appearance. There's a few other windows-specific things that will need changing but in the meantime there's a chance I'll be able to at least get it running reliably under WINE. I'll try a few things in the code for v1.43a that you can test out and see how it fares.