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I get that you have a lot to do to get this program to beta stage, and I can live just fine with it tied to windows, as it is, so no worries, I definitely don't want to ask you to sacrifice development for a linux port. as far as WINE goes I have tried it a few times and, at least in the past, it complains about wglsharelists failing and would frequently crash and fail to create a toolpath. Perhaps I shall try this new version, as you have made a great deal of changes since I last tried and so has WINE. If it works I'll let you know.

intel core i5 @2.9ghz , 8gb ram dual booted Debian 9 & win10, Intel 6 /c200 chipset.

well....WINE,,,,hasn't worked so far... got it to startup with no complaints at first but once a project was loaded it got sluggish and wouldn't display properly. I tried adjusting the settings and it crashed. When I tried to restart it, it crashes as soon as the program requests to reload the pre-crash's a start....guess I'll keep working in windows for now til I have more time to play.

If anyone else knows how to get this working under WINE I'd like to know .  

First of all I have to say this software opens up a lot of possibilities and I'm having a lot of fun messing around with it. Thanks for all your hard work! I'm wondering if there is any chance you will make Pixel' linux compatible in the future . I use mostly linux for most of my work @ this hobby and I only have one machine in the house that duel boots "please wait" I mean "windows"or linux. The rest run only linux. It would be nice not to have to tie up this machine since it is the family machine and flip back and forth between the two OS's.

I can hardly wait to see the canvas system feature....I feel like I have to say something about those problems mentioned earlier....It's all working fine today! I tried the pics I was having trouble with last night and they load fine. I don't know why they weren't working last night. I am still learning how to use Pixelcnc so maybe I did something wrong.

Would be nice if this would run on linux. loads on wine but complains "wglShareList failed". seems to run then but crashes often. also have found in windows that loading some images causes crashes. despite this, it looks like pixelcnc will be a very usefull tool at an excellent price.