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Marble Marcher: Community Edition

Community developed version of Marble Marcher · By MichaelMoroz

Bugs and suggestions

A topic by MichaelMoroz created Feb 04, 2020 Views: 509 Replies: 20
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Post the bugs you have found along with ideas how to improve the game!

i have a bug where whenever i restart or die the background haze effect that is on the menu and pause screen is applied to the game and i have to pause and resume the game to get it back to normal, it's not game breaking but it is kinda annoying.


Ah, I see, you can restart just by right clicking for now, it doesn't produce the same effect as restarting from the menu. 

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also, idk if i'm just being an idiot but i can't select levels, thanks for the tip about restarting though


You mean select from the levels menu? You need to click on the name of the level.

ok yeah i'm just an idiot, sry

 i wanted to make a suggestion. I really think there should be a way to upload and download maps within the game as well as a rating or upvoting system or something to sort them. I just think there's loads of potential for this game and it's actually pretty easy to create maps through the map creator but the main problem is the limited ability to share them and find good quality ones.


Well the only way to share maps currently is through the Marble Marcher discord. Adding a server to store maps was a thing I thought about, but the range of possible levels is a bit limited, so they get pretty boring and repetitive with time. I'm working on a new engine with a better map system(you can add various objects, even triangle meshes), I think after I finish it I should try and make a map server. Though it is pretty far in the future. 

when i start the game the marble keeps going right


It seems to be related to a controller being connected to the PC, so the deadzone needs to be increased I think.

When you click play it starts off with jump the crater. As you play more levels they unlock them in the level selector for you to replay them. Great stuff so far, just like the original. BUT when you leave the game and come back, when you click play you don't start off on the last level you left off with, instead you start over with jump the crater. If you go to the last level you played in the selector (which is not organized chronologically for some reason) then you can play that level, but when you finish the level it just restarts for you to try and beat your time. So now you have click play and do all the levels over again to catch up and unlock the next levels. 

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this just needs work. lmk!

Playing the main game is fun but I enjoy going into cheat mode, making the marble as small as can be and exploring. But sometimes I wish I had more control, so my suggestion would be a jump option in the cheats menu, maybe even a double jump as another option.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your hard work on this mod/game! :)

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What am I doing wrong? I reinstalled the game 3 times and tried reinstalling some of dependent programs and other stuff no matter what this errors pop up. (Sorry if wrong topic to post this in)


What is the GPU you are using? Have you updated your drivers?

I have a RX 570 my drivers haven't been updated in a bit but I think they are still the newest version.

I'm also getting the error. I have an ATI Radeon HD3450.

Hm for some reason I'm getting the error too. I've played this game before with no problems but it's happening now. Only thing that would've changed is updated graphics drivers. I have the AMD 5700 XT.


There seems to be that problem in all new drivers from Nvidia/AMD/Intel. I'll debug it today...


The unexpected qualifier bug has been fixed in version 1.4.5.

It seems the app does not recognize the game file anymore, thus making updating and installing through the app impossible.

Not a bug but an error. A licence file for a font is in the ..\sound\music folder, rather than the assets folder with the fonts.

Suggestion: As the music files are converted tracker modules, how about adding tracker support for additional music, so they don't have to take extra space. If the original music files are available in tracker format, they could replace the OGG files.
(not sure if that would be an up, down or sidegrade, but it would be suitably concise and nerdy).
LibXMP or OpenModPlug could provide suitable support with a low overhead.