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  • Not what I expected for the blurriness, but it makes sense. Google is bad about that with textures, doing the same in slides, docs, spreadsheets, and most other programs in Drive. Firefox works well.
  • I needed to merge my second and fourth points in the original post. The first instance where seamless tiling between two is desirable is with multi-tile doors. The image I put with red and black (I just realized how bad it was to include black) shows an ideal tiling (You can safely assume that multi-tile doors are rectangles split in half horizontally somehow). Elsewhere, it is more decorative than anything, though it allows a more complete auto tiling in Tiled.
  • So you cannot increase the number in the palettes? 64 seems more logical to keep to a power-of-two scale.
  • I covered that in my second above, but if you want to add some more decorative elements, you may wish to add chair, desk, wire, and electrical box-like decorations (distortion is fine). Possibly add enemy/player generation?
  • The specific art style is meaningless if we can modify it. In my case, I wanted the ships to match the tiles generated.

A few more things:

  • Is the blurriness fixable? I have seen it mask some issues and details in generated sprites
  • Is there any possibility for generating transitions between two generated tilesets?
  • Is there a reason the program accepts palettes with less than 50 colors?
  • Is there a possibility to generate a door-orientated tilesheet? Something like below, with the top showing the tileset base and the bottom showing an example.

  • Are you sure the ship generator would be useless? I could use it as a basic blueprint for level design, and I figure others could use it for placeholders.

Thanks. Yes, it does.

These probably should be explained in a help tab within the program.

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Thanks. I got the larger of the two images set up properly in tiled. Getting the autotiles set up.

So, it is effectively a shadow sprite?

It throws me off when I attempt to clean the images in Piskel (which does not support tile padding).

I got a different sprite sheet working in tiled. May try the other tiles, though I noticed uneven spacing in one of the sheets.

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Unfortunately, some tiles are even larger. On the first image, check the widths of the tiles. One of the corner tiles is 2 pixels larger than that.

I also noticed "outline in background" exports wrongly:

I noticed almost all of the outputs do not fit the grid and are larger than the option selected. I notice erratically sized blocks that throw the whole sprite sheet off. Below are examples.

supposedly 16 by 16 or 24 by 24

I do not even know what the size actually is, should be 32 by 32


Currently, the name tab only shows. Is this intentional?

Thank you for looking into it.

Any Progress? You may wish to take the page down until you fix it.


Are you still working on the server? It still seems down for me.


Any progress?

Yes, they would be good additions, and I am aware of the gender issues. I also did not know about coloration rules, the heights might be off, and I copied the human's head to others simply because I did not know how you did it.

So the image in the post is the update?

I was talking about adding the versions humans do in the tileset to the other races. Yesterday I did a player base for all of the races and a few others.

Is the updated tileset the image? You did not update the tileset files on itch. Additionally, do you plan to expand the tileset to include fantasy races in the player and Modern tilesets?

You are welcome.

Some things to improve on:

  • The combining characters are not aligned at all.
  • I noticed some combinations of characters overlap. (‘Gotchas’ page in the Bulletproof Font Tester shows it directly)
  • The quotation marks do not match the style at a distance.

Currently the itch app cannot install this as well.

I think it uses my Nvidia Geforce 1500. Which of my graphics cards is the dedicated graphics card is something I do not know.

Thank you, and your welcome.

I cannot see anything as it is covered with a flickering checker pattern.

I will leave this open for others to note.

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I would like to report some more bugs in recent versions:

  • The overlap capability is somewhat worse. At one point in an earlier update, I and several builders placed about 10 buildings in the same place, with many suffering from rotational glitches.
  • The plane's AI should not do abrupt changes in direction. Subtle directional changes are more accurate and less powerful.
  • As with the mech in earlier updates, the bomber can have too much control over the tide of a battle, turning the game into a bomber spawning war between the player and AIs.
  • Builders do not stop building, even after winning a game or being told to idle. Additionally, they work on a separate resource pool. Forcing players and builders to work on the same resource pool will force more strategic usage.
  • There is no way to coordinate builders strategically. This will allow for builders on both players and AI to create more strategically and will reduce the need for a hard limit on builders since the player will be responsible for crashes.
  • Opening this program and the "Groove Music" music application that comes with windows simultaneously crashes both programs and causes flickering on the screen.
  • Potentially setting up an AI tactic in Sandbox of limiting placed buildings to a certain distance away from enemies and pulling back when they push to that distance is another way to allow endless wars in Sandbox while allowing opportunities to optimize battles (Builders staying at base, only a small number going to the front lines).
  • The store is completely broken.
  • I notice there is a tendency on the picnic map for all AI to swarm the shed, even if a minimal benefit comes from swarming it and, in some circumstances, it is on the opposite side of the map.
  • Sound also seems reversed for this game.


It appears using any item crashes the game.

So, there is not much you can do?

This was the real issue. I was not familiar enough with typography to catch my mistake, so I assumed it was a problem with the program. If it gave a notice for why it did not render the font, I would not report it as an error.

Whenever your settings cause errors, the program does not notify you. This makes troubleshooting problems harder and tends to cause false-alarms from people unfamiliar with typography. I noticed you also track duplicate characters. That also will help with large character sets that checking each character individually is not worth doing.

It seems the app does not recognize the game file anymore, thus making updating and installing through the app impossible.

Works now