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I missed that in the instruction, sorry.

Often forces archaic/impossible combinations from the start, such as "esoin". This is good otherwise.

Would you mind moving these folders within a single .zip file as well?

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Could you combine all of the folders into one .zip file? It makes it easier to manage, and works better for the app, which cannot store two folders of the same name

Unplaced repeaters do emit balls. This means you can take your players ability to place repeaters, for an extra challenge.

It is impossible to close this game if it breaks in fullscreen.

What is the difference between the DRM-free version which seems to be free and the paid version?

Both are through the tank.

I notice a soldier in the tank is in an unopened hatch. Did you intend for this to happen?

You are welcome.

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Some feedback:

  • The unit placement treats all clicks as placing a unit – when I try to change menus or right-click, it places the currently selected object.
  • Some of the cheat codes may work as regular actions if you add a plastic cost.
  • It may be interesting to add slight variation in height, detail, and color to simulate the usage of multiple different sets of plastic army men.
  • The bugs and zombies should use melee attacks, not ranged. Spiders should spawn webs, and both bugs should be able to climb walls. Zombies converting non-undead to undead would make dealing with them much harder. Adding rideable, friendly forms of the bugs would be an interesting addition, especially if you added extra armor for these rideable friendly bugs.
  • In certain levels you use slight variations on real-life brands on objects. I recommend creating new and original branding for those objects. This will make them stand out, while improving originality.
  • An aerial unit needs to carry objects, like the bucket of army men and the magnifying glass, from a friendly hub to the intended location. This makes it harder for teams to attack hubs by making them stoppable, while giving players a warning, and makes these units fit better in the game. It also forces players to think strategically about their usage as well, because these special units currently can attack opponent’s hubs directly.
  • Currently, aerial units do not stray far from the ground.
  • Allowing one builder for non-green teams to match the player’s respawning, would level the playing field. Allowing invincible buildings could be useful for setting up endless games in the sandbox mode.
  • Some levels have nations placed in areas with only one easy entry point. This is can be unfair. Additionally, The base map for sandbox has the player’s hub in a horrible place, because builders do not grasp that they can go over the edge, spawning things on a very small part of the map that is otherwise inescapable.
  • The ability for builder AI to place hubs would be useful for endless games.
  • In certain cases, you ‘locked’ the teams to a certain area in the map. This disadvantages nations ‘locked’ in places with no strategic advantage and prevents nations from recovering by moving to a different area.
  • The AI do not seem to register the location of friendly troopers. A builder caused vehicle units to get stuck in a stream of soldiers going the opposite direction when it placed a wall, blocking half of a path in the map “Home”. I noticed that the AI soon abandoned the path altogether, and that the AI did not recognize a secondary, easier path until I forced them to in the map “Home”.
  • Currently, you cannot switch the nation of your player in Sandbox mode.
  • In several cases, it is possible to place overlapping buildings and buildings that overlap with the ground.
  • Add an option for persistent debris. With this option toggled on, Players and AI must get plastic from the debris, via mining or carrying it whole to a specific place.
  • Injury and semi-broken objects would be interesting.
  • The current naming system confused me at first. Possibly change naming to the format “Rank ActualLastName (Job)”, like Private Doe (Medic), and for vehicles, list the names of each person under the format “Rank ActualLastName” in the vehicle, followed by the name of the vehicle, like Private Doe, Private Angle, and Private Lee (Helicopter). These last names should be random.

Just for verification, this and all of your other free assets can be modified freely?

It does not seem to work.

All shortcuts only work when you have not placed any points on the grid.

Many shortcuts do not work for me. Can confirm the undo button sometimes works.

Works now.

Itch creates its own user folder, and operates from there.

Yes I have. Reflecting on this, I think this is a consequence of Itch's method of storing data: On Windows, all data from the app is stored under a seperate user.

It does not open the folder.


Where are files saved? It does not seem to save the images anywhere.

Could you make it downloadable through the app?

Two of the european roads (I recommend numbering them to prevent confusion) have noticible gaps in corners now

Their image is not centered

Do you want me to move this to Github?

Fixed in last update.

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Works now. No crashes except for when pressing load game with no loadable game.

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Placing ground decoration, under debug->decoration->ground decoration has been fixed again.

roads on slopes do not work.

Menu tiles do go out of the screen on debug->commercial.

This appears to occur with any object. It occured after almost every game.

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This game seems to crash frequently upon placing water, electrical utilities, or zoning blocks.

Attempting to run the program gets the following error:

The procedure entry point _ZN5Tiled17FileSystemWatcher12filesChangedERK11QStringList could not be located in the dynamic link library (Current location of file)

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Pressing the button to pull up where the photos are taken does not work for me, with the buttons doing nothing.

This is on Windows 10.

Charotat Fort at

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null
    at Function.com_watabou_toytown2_elements3d_buildings_GableRoof.add (ToyTown2.js:28511)
    at com_watabou_toytown2_elements3d_View.reset (ToyTown2.js:27988)
    at com_watabou_toytown2_scenes_TownScene.load (ToyTown2.js:28828)
    at FileReader.reader.onload (ToyTown2.js:27408)


How are these tiles split? Most programs will not accept tilesets that are not uniformly spaced.

The ability to show portions of the tank separately, and the ability to generate and save the turret portion rotated in 15 degree integrals, if possible would also allow this program to be used for 2D video games off the bat.

Could you add an option to remove the ground?

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Collision based on the actual mesh is needed. The current method does not represent the hands, and often does not reflect the actual humanoid.

Nicer scaling, and ability to randomise  that, for the humanoid's various parts would great.

Better seed generation that doesn't constantly increase would be good.

Currently, typing into any textbox does not ignore shortcut keys, making a seed including 'i' impossible.

The ability to test the creature at path finding: a obstical course where the creatures have to get to multiple places in order.

  • Could register 3D distance as well

Dynamic starting height. Not all fall the same distance when they are dropped at the same height

The complete opposite is true. Without it, it is just trees.