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really fun! here are some stuff i'd recommend:

  • setting to change how many orbs are rendered, i wanna see as many as i can, especially with the use of the dot style.
  • after prestige i was able to get Infinity cash pretty quickly, with Infinity mana soon after. i don't exactly remember how but i think a lot of other people would encounter the same thing.
  • the game doesn't run in the background as a tab, so you have to make it a separate window for it to run afk.
  • i think if you're on the tab then it'd be really satisfying to hear sound effects, but they'd have to be just right to be satisfying but not annoying.
  • it'd be cool to maybe buy some bumpers that you can place on the board? i figured that at some point you'd be able to change the big green bumper in the middle.
  • if i upgrade to a new orb tier, wouldn't buying the weaker ones be worse for me because they'd increase in chance of spawning worse orbs? if that's the case, it doesn't feel too strategic in game, and it also sucks when you can't sell them.

besides these points however, it was a great and very fun game! keep up the good work! :)

i wouldn't really run the discord server after the jam so I didn't make one. if there's enough demand i could make one though.

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Great theme, nice graphics and sounds, and fun gameplay! This is a game I really enjoyed. I would add some explanation for power ups, maybe before you start the game or when you grab a power up, and make the platforming a little more responsive (it's hard to get to the ground fast if you jump accidentally too soon or whatever). But besides that, awesome and very impressive game!

Also, if you rated my game, I'd appreciate it, haha. :)

I really liked everything! The graphics and sounds were really nice! And when I was in the groove of the gameplay it was fun! Though I think most of the switching-lanes action happens at the bottom of the screen, and sometimes crashes appear before they fully enter the screen. I'd also include the instructions in the game, and not just the description. Besides those however, it was a very great game! You did everything really well! :)

If you could rate my game I'd appreciate it btw. ;) 

Fun game! You did a pretty good job replicating the WarioWare feel. Besides making the boss stage sound effects less harsh, adding some more microgames, and making some microgames make more sense at first (didn't know how to do the "comment" one :[ ), I had a fun time playing! :)

If you could rate my game I'd appreciate it btw. ;) 

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While the lasers were a little hard to see since they were on a scrolling background, and sometimes I would dash accidentally, I enjoyed it! The game is very simple, but I played it multiple times since it was pretty fun. For the theme, I'd probably add something to explain why there's lasers shooting at you. Even if it's just a bad guy on the title screen. Fun game! I enjoyed it. :)

If you could rate my game I'd appreciate it btw. ;)

While the random obstacles weren't really a problem for me, since they were just at the left (I don't think the randomizing works). I had a lot of fun playing the game! I think the obstacles being at the left were a good spot, as I think it'd be harder (and less fun) if they were in the middle of the map for example. It was satisfying to reach new levels, and I was thankful when the new balls being generated weren't just 2 the whole time, lol. I'd make the dash faster, make the game have more of a graphical theme (maybe a small robot in a billiards table?), and make the sound of combining less harsh (though it wasn't too bad). But besides that, great game! My 9 minutes went by fast. lol

Hm for some reason I'm getting the error too. I've played this game before with no problems but it's happening now. Only thing that would've changed is updated graphics drivers. I have the AMD 5700 XT.

Playing the main game is fun but I enjoy going into cheat mode, making the marble as small as can be and exploring. But sometimes I wish I had more control, so my suggestion would be a jump option in the cheats menu, maybe even a double jump as another option.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your hard work on this mod/game! :)

Running the program opens the launcher but only displays a white screen. I tried using Mesa3D but that didn't work. What's the issue and is there a way to fix it?

For the free-looking first person camera you should allow the player to move diagonally. It's weird walking in only 4 directions when you can look diagonally. Otherwise great job! :)

That sucks. :/

The Hex Tileset he linked has "It's available under CC0 license.", so I'd imagine this tileset would be the same thing.

Thanks for the feedback! Bitsy  doesn't have sound/music though there are tools that easily allow you to do so. So in my next game I will remember to add some sounds. :)

Really cool art! Funny as well. :)

Cute game. :)

I like to make games, I assume everyone here does... But I'm young, so I can't get myself a credit card or something, but still like to try to make some money with my games. So maybe you could add the feature to link a bitcoin wallet to it!

Also I'm not totally crazy in making money, letting me add a bitcoin wallet would be the "casual" of selling your games.

Hopefully this idea wouldn't be too crazy to add, and it would allow basically anyone to be able to make money off their games.

Okay... Try using a different browser. Are you using Edge? Maybe the Pico-8 HTML exporter doesn't like Edge.

That's weird. There's not much for me to mess up on, lol. What's happening? Does the HTML file just have a solid coloured screen? The HTML and JS files should be in the same directory, maybe put the cartridge in the same directory?

Yeah extracting should work...

Hello, I think itch.io was being stupid. I put the zip file as a download.

So I want to join a game jam and the only way I can see how I could do it is by using Scratch, a visual programming language. Now someone has made a scratch to swf. I can also convert swf to exe but it clearly shows it's using flash.

My point is, could I submit a game like this?