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That sucks. :/

The Hex Tileset he linked has "It's available under CC0 license.", so I'd imagine this tileset would be the same thing.

Thanks for the feedback! Bitsy  doesn't have sound/music though there are tools that easily allow you to do so. So in my next game I will remember to add some sounds. :)

Really cool art! Funny as well. :)

Cute game. :)

You could upload your games as a html file, get iframes for each game, set the width and height to 512px and badabing. :)

I like to make games, I assume everyone here does... But I'm young, so I can't get myself a credit card or something, but still like to try to make some money with my games. So maybe you could add the feature to link a bitcoin wallet to it!

Also I'm not totally crazy in making money, letting me add a bitcoin wallet would be the "casual" of selling your games.

Hopefully this idea wouldn't be too crazy to add, and it would allow basically anyone to be able to make money off their games.

Okay... Try using a different browser. Are you using Edge? Maybe the Pico-8 HTML exporter doesn't like Edge.

That's weird. There's not much for me to mess up on, lol. What's happening? Does the HTML file just have a solid coloured screen? The HTML and JS files should be in the same directory, maybe put the cartridge in the same directory?

Yeah extracting should work...

Hello, I think was being stupid. I put the zip file as a download.


Yesterday I tried it and I was able to beat it in 5-10 tries! Good level. :)

So I want to join a game jam and the only way I can see how I could do it is by using Scratch, a visual programming language. Now someone has made a scratch to swf. I can also convert swf to exe but it clearly shows it's using flash.

My point is, could I submit a game like this?