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I'm looking to make a name for myself this jam with something small that is still spectacular. I got Dall-E to make an uglier version of what I generally want the game to look like, and here is its (ugly and incomplete) concept art. Trees with vines, shrooms, flowers, a big river and waterfall, and lots of fireflies will give it a nice polished look. Gameplay is simple, as is the lore. You just find an enchanted garden hidden within a forest, and you're there to bring home some pictures. If this sounds cool, DM me on Discord: Lord Starbuilder#0900

Hi there! I can't proclaim to be an expert on Godot 4 but I jumped right on board as soon as Godot 4 was available (before it was even released). I'd love to work with you . My tag is Lord Starbuilder#0900.



You misunderstand, it's so creepy, so efficient at what it strives to do, that I don't like it.

I hate it.

I just watched Markiplier play this game and I found it to be the one I liked the least. For a myriad of complicated reasons, it made me extremely uncomfortable. I'm going to download it anyway, for reasons I really don't understand. Take this as a compliment. Very few games have proven so good at horror that even my thrill seeker self doesn't like them.

Tried the demo on Linux via WINE. Window opened, then closed.

Runs a solid 30+ fps on my pathetic GTX 1050Ti with all settings to max except AA. With AA, 30+ looking away from Aniela and 25 looking at her.

Godot 4 be looking fineeeee

That was fun! Fit for an arcade.

This game is not fun. It looks nice, controls are great, core mechanic is interesting, but the combat is awful and you have a 100% chance of dying in 5 minutes. No explanation of the combat mechanics either, icons on the bottom right seem nonsensical and disconnected. Slow down the enemies some, increase the number of scrap spawns, and give NPCs actual attacks

Linux build would be nice.

Reminds me of Crank.

Reminds me of Crank.

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Eh, idk. Looked up "Arrokoth" which turned up nothing (a minor annoyance, being a big fan of the dented peanut rock), and the planets seem to have some texture artifacts as well as just a level of blurriness that shouldn't be possible if LOD is being applied (there are high-res images of many of these objects I'm pretty sure, surely there's high-res textures too?). Scale seems aight. Controls are atrocious. GUI is almost unreadable. Not sure if this is unique to WINE. I'd ask for the source but I don't, can't and won't use Unity.

If the work results in nothing to a user, that user is not required to say "thanks".

I am of the opinion that all software that is publicly available should also have a publicly-available source. If it gets put on GitHub I could make a branch or fork and merge in the Linux compatibility tech if I got the time. A little effort for your audience increasing. If you won’t do that, I rescind my interest in the game entirely. 

Would it be possible to release the source? Perhaps I can write a port. 

Game is broken; no forward movement.

Attempted to run via WINE, glitches and bugs ruined game experience. Possible Linux-based system port?

The X button on my controller has been broken from all the doubt

Very rewarding 😏

fr 😏


Ok what about the plot tho, you can't just say nothing about the plot

Took John Carmack's quote about story in a game too seriously 😏

I dunno man, that sounds like a hentai plot



Nice projection mate :)

That's a little sussy! You don't see too many sussy games in this hemisphere.

This game is entirely unplayable. It crashed my computer and there is no Alt+F4 failsafe like most games. I couldn't interact with anything, and my cursor was still visible which was annoying. Please just keep the Alt+F4 next time, and tell me how to play the game, somewhere, even if it's on the game page.

Due to your gracious sharing of all the source files, I have taken the allotted liberty of fixing some things about your game. Could you contact me on Discord via Lord Starbuilder#5322?

Alternatively, unchecking "filter" does it too. 

WINE also exists, although idk how well it works on OSX.

Got a dedicated GPU?

I disagree with the other commenter. You changed the gameplay halfway through, which suddenly drastically changed the dynamic of the enemies! The room where I couldn't move and had those things shooting at me from both sides was a much harder boss battle than the actual boss! This game got really complicated from just an axe that you can beam yourself to and the generic chase-and-shoot enemies you see in every top-down shooters. Great level design btw. 

That said, if you wanna sell this game for money, here are some suggestions going forward:

-More enemies. Obviously. 

-Death animation. 

-More musical variety. 

-And more levels! I could play this weird game all day. Please let me. 

That was weird as hell. The tracks looked like bread at this point! At one point the noise was so random it made the walls and floor widen. Walking into this noisy blob would put barf on my screen.