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The X button on my controller has been broken from all the doubt

Very rewarding 😏

fr 😏


Ok what about the plot tho, you can't just say nothing about the plot

Took John Carmack's quote about story in a game too seriously 😏

I dunno man, that sounds like a hentai plot



Nice projection mate :)

That's a little sussy! You don't see too many sussy games in this hemisphere.

This game is entirely unplayable. It crashed my computer and there is no Alt+F4 failsafe like most games. I couldn't interact with anything, and my cursor was still visible which was annoying. Please just keep the Alt+F4 next time, and tell me how to play the game, somewhere, even if it's on the game page.

Due to your gracious sharing of all the source files, I have taken the allotted liberty of fixing some things about your game. Could you contact me on Discord via Lord Starbuilder#5322?

Alternatively, unchecking "filter" does it too. 

WINE also exists, although idk how well it works on OSX.

Got a dedicated GPU?

I disagree with the other commenter. You changed the gameplay halfway through, which suddenly drastically changed the dynamic of the enemies! The room where I couldn't move and had those things shooting at me from both sides was a much harder boss battle than the actual boss! This game got really complicated from just an axe that you can beam yourself to and the generic chase-and-shoot enemies you see in every top-down shooters. Great level design btw. 

That said, if you wanna sell this game for money, here are some suggestions going forward:

-More enemies. Obviously. 

-Death animation. 

-More musical variety. 

-And more levels! I could play this weird game all day. Please let me. 

That was weird as hell. The tracks looked like bread at this point! At one point the noise was so random it made the walls and floor widen. Walking into this noisy blob would put barf on my screen. 

"connection error" is all I got. :(

Can't rate as an outsider but can post this comment. Very good! Could use a little polish, specifically in these areas:

-Right click to simply drop item like in Source Engine (which I know this is based on, I saw that Cave Johnson reference ;) ) 

-Keep the physics on the box while you're holding it. If it exceeds a certain distance from where it should be while you're holding it, it should exit your hand, like in Source. Don't worry about physics bugs, they can be incredibly funny which would actually kinda fit the tone you are going for here. 

-Glass should be more obvious. Give them scratches or a little less transparency or something. 

Now, on to the positives:

-Incredibly clever! A very interesting usage of the theme; feels like I'm an evil saboteur ruining some poor soul's Portal speedrun XD

-Portal reference ;)

-Custom assets are always refreshing. Visual quality wasn't bad either (although some antialiasing would have been nice).

I have a question. What engine did you use to create this game? I've never seen an engine that spits out a pure executable like that except for a decade-old demoscene engine (not even a game engine really). 

Yo! Idk how else to contact you; my (new) Discord is Starbuilder#5322.

I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... picks up 2x and I'm all out of bubble gum.

Y E S. 

Incredibly fun! I can definitely see expertise earned from development of Mindustry shining through this game.

I liked it quite well after playing. It is just a tad janky but I loved it almost as much as We Don't Talk About It.

I think they used their own, assuming they're using the same Mindustry engine.


Hit me like a truck carrying a ton of bricks. Now I'm morally and intellectually obligated to play Rot.

gr8. Next month with my new hardware I'll be ready to play!

Not sure how easy it is on Unity but Linux is typically as easy to release to as Windows except in cases of platform-specific code. Are there plans for a Linux release anytime soon?

now what's this?

The Big Problem with crazy concepts, is that they're untested. This game is a lesson and I'm glad you interpreted it that way.

Bad game implies that you have to be a millionaire to be thicc

Hmm. Not sure how a player is supposed to beat. No tutorial, too many projectiles, couldn't get close enough to safely land a hit. Always, always took more damage than the boss did when attacking due to those projectiles. There's no possible way to win. However, I do like the premise. I think being able to deflect with the saber part would help.

Game runs awkwardly, premise itself is nonsensical, would have been great if more creativity was put into it. Felt kinda boring despite being a shooter

Projectile shooting enemies don't stop when you leave (neither do zeds but they're slow lol), zeds were very noice but I couldn't navigate with frame lagging and inability to predict incoming projectiles from beyond the screen. Fix that and you got yourself a winner in my eyes. Almost polished

with noha here, perhaps some sort of resource for holes as well?  Would kill two birds with one stone, limit holes and give a secondary objective. That and slowing it down some and you got something addictive!

yeah, the cam is a little janky and the game is a little unpredictable, but otherwise very good and very nostalgic.