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I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... picks up 2x and I'm all out of bubble gum.

Y E S. 

Incredibly fun! I can definitely see expertise earned from development of Mindustry shining through this game.

I liked it quite well after playing. It is just a tad janky but I loved it almost as much as We Don't Talk About It.

I think they used their own, assuming they're using the same Mindustry engine.


Hit me like a truck carrying a ton of bricks. Now I'm morally and intellectually obligated to play Rot.

gr8. Next month with my new hardware I'll be ready to play!

Not sure how easy it is on Unity but Linux is typically as easy to release to as Windows except in cases of platform-specific code. Are there plans for a Linux release anytime soon?

now what's this?

The Big Problem with crazy concepts, is that they're untested. This game is a lesson and I'm glad you interpreted it that way.

Bad game implies that you have to be a millionaire to be thicc

Hmm. Not sure how a player is supposed to beat. No tutorial, too many projectiles, couldn't get close enough to safely land a hit. Always, always took more damage than the boss did when attacking due to those projectiles. There's no possible way to win. However, I do like the premise. I think being able to deflect with the saber part would help.

Game runs awkwardly, premise itself is nonsensical, would have been great if more creativity was put into it. Felt kinda boring despite being a shooter

Projectile shooting enemies don't stop when you leave (neither do zeds but they're slow lol), zeds were very noice but I couldn't navigate with frame lagging and inability to predict incoming projectiles from beyond the screen. Fix that and you got yourself a winner in my eyes. Almost polished

with noha here, perhaps some sort of resource for holes as well?  Would kill two birds with one stone, limit holes and give a secondary objective. That and slowing it down some and you got something addictive!

yeah, the cam is a little janky and the game is a little unpredictable, but otherwise very good and very nostalgic. 

Can't run this game because my OS doesn't do Chrome.


Holy hell, this is frickin amazing! With your own tiles and the ability to hold down the mouse, I'd call it a masterpiece. May the peanut butter spread across all the bread.

Movement just a tad clunky, but otherwise it turns a simple concept into something incredibly stressful and fun. Very good!

Might be biased from ddlc, but it's pretty awesome! Might, uh, leave a name or your Itch username somewhere in there, for credit?

Plants vs... I mean, Appliances vs Bots

Would be perfect if game was more relaxed. I had too work too fast or I'd be overwhelmed by enemy forces. I wish I could do more without worrying about some bombers completely ruining everything. Creeper World was a lot more balanced with enemies than this one. I could hold off Creeper much easier over time instead of having an enemy adapt to my defenses. It really defeats the purpose of the type of game this is supposed to be.

Otherwise, totally tubular, dude!

Aw, I tried to play it. However, my sad little potato couldn't run my screen recorder and the game at the same time. 

btw I am also a solo dev and it's really commendable that you finished a full project. It's really hard. 

I noticed too

This game is surprisingly creepy for a 1-3 min experience.

(1 edit)

Investigating, will edit post when I decide. I suck particularly at tilesets, so this is definitely better than anything I could make. 

Edit: Meh.

Simple enough to animate, complex enough to be recognizable. I feel like Goldilocks after [borrowing] little bear's porridge.

You need a donation thing, you don't even have to [immediately] link a bank account

Starconstructor, working on platformer

I agree. Who started the jam?

I meant what computer language?

What language are you using? 

Hi, I’m Starbuilder, I’m a noob at all things developer, never published a game XD. I’m by myself for this jam... but I’m determined to make something at least generic!