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Aw, I tried to play it. However, my sad little potato couldn't run my screen recorder and the game at the same time. 

btw I am also a solo dev and it's really commendable that you finished a full project. It's really hard. 

I noticed too

This game is surprisingly creepy for a 1-3 min experience.

Where did you learn how to do procedural generation? Great game, but it took me a bit to figure out you could shoot down those... uh, whatever walls they are. Very fun, and the procedural generation just added to it.

(1 edit)

Investigating, will edit post when I decide. I suck particularly at tilesets, so this is definitely better than anything I could make. 

Edit: Meh.

Simple enough to animate, complex enough to be recognizable. I feel like Goldilocks after [borrowing] little bear's porridge.

You need a donation thing, you don't even have to [immediately] link a bank account

Starconstructor, working on platformer

I agree. Who started the jam?

I meant what computer language?

What language are you using? 

Hi, I’m Starbuilder, I’m a noob at all things developer, never published a game XD. I’m by myself for this jam... but I’m determined to make something at least generic!