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Dain-App [Alpha 0.31]

Animation Interpolation powered by AI · By GRisk

Linux and MacOS support

A topic by eri0o created 29 days ago Views: 314 Replies: 4
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Hey, the original algorithm targets a Linux base, I don't exactly how you are doing, but if you use a container to run it, like Docker, than having the frontend work on any OS and connect to this docker backend may be achievable. On latest builds of Windows 10 using Docker is fine too.


I didn't know that win 10 was supporting docker. Will do some research on that later on, thanks!

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Is there an eventual plan to support MacOS? People (myself included) would pay some hefty bills for such a wonderful tool. Keep up the awesome work!


If you want to buy me a Mac i might give it a shot lol

But serious, in theory the tools should be able to compile for mac, but the reality is full of bugs, so i'm not sure until i try it out.


Plus one.  don't have methods run this through Wine