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Does it not print any error? How about generating a crash_log.txt on the .exe folder?

In the latest version (3.10) I would use different options:

Animation Mode
Animation Model: Static Resolution [Regular]

Everything else on default.

Do a small segment, if you don't like the result, try Animation Model: Half Original Resolution

I would go for Real Life, Animation is more for really sharp movements.

For Rife, the option is "Animation Mode" and you can put a smaller valur for "Similar Frame Percentage" if you have a bad quality video.

Since the application don't use Depth, it would need to be another algorithm that generate depth.

I'm working on a big update now that will fix some codecs and improve the interpolation results

I don't remember if the code will work, but you can try putting "Slow Motion output" with a value bigger than 1.0

Yeah, all models will generate a lot of files 

I not totally sure what you mean, can you explain better?

haha, then we can start Skynet

Hi there, FlowFrames is another application. I think you posted it here by mistake.

The build should work on Win 10. If you want to test it on linux or some other, there is also the source code you can try.

(1 edit)

There is a little more information on the Interactive Gallery description, but I used the code from nshepperd with a few tweaks, that can be found here:

You are right, Clip is not the entire process of creating the images, is more of a focus word I selected for the project.

It probably a flaw in the model. Thank you for the videos, I will add some of those frames to my training data, it most likely fix the issues, it may take a little time to train it tho.

Thank you, I will check the file and try to improve the model to work on this input.

Rife-App don't work with depth maps. It does generate Motion Flow, but they are 2D arrays, don't really translate well to RGB, so it would need to be another type of file. Does this have any use for you?

I think it may be some problem with the path of the folder. Can you try to put it into a simple folder like "c:/Rife-App" and see if it work?

Yeah, that is looking really bad, can you share the original input so I can do some tests? Also, this sound counter intuitive, but can you test using a low quality model for RL?

Can you share the input to take a look? You can also try to change the codec to see if it help

This is a weird one, can you try to disable scene change detection to see if the problem persist?

You are correct, for now there is no way to pause the job. I need to think of a way to make it work once you need to resume it again.

I think I need to redo a lot of the codec code. It really give all kinda of strange problems.

I really can't give my opinion since it would be biased, plus I really don't use other software for interpolation so I can't compare, but feel free to discuss it.

I can just say that right now Rife-APP don't use any more of Rife code. It use a algorithm made by myself, trained from scratch, so it should generate interpolations different from any other software.

Are you using any other coded than h264? I need to make some changes on the other ones so they work better.

Cool! Glad this one is working for will. I will see if I can improve both encoders on the next update.

I'm glad you are enjoying it. Maybe on my vacation I get some time to do a update on it.

Thanks. I will use the original clip to do my tests and fix the problem.

Yeah, definittly something wrong with the encoder. I also need to do some tests with H265. Will try to improve both for the next release.

Actually I'm testing some stuff to work with AMD, but can't make promises until I manage to make it work.

Can you try to export to h264, just to check if the problem is with the export codec?

Will see if I can manage to make a cancel button work.

I think only by changing the source code for now. Perhaps at some point I do a new build, but there is not much people using the app for now.

This is a weird error. Did it generated a crash_log.txt on the main folder?

Glad you are enjoying it. I'm always working on improve it.  =D

Alright, will try to do some tests later on.

Are you using the same input to test the H264 and H265? It may be a problem with the input, or some bug. Can you share the input video if its not  private?

I'm testing some solutions that may fix the OutOfMemory error for infinite resolution, but for now it's to early to know how well it will work.

Less memory try to put a single frame at the time on the memory, but the difference usually is pretty small. For now I keep the option in there since from time to time I try to improve on it. Scale do change a lot of the memory usage. But it can get pretty bad results. 0.5 should work fine for high res input.

Thanks for the complement!

If this model fixed, then it's all good. The next update will have a model that use less Vram and give better results than "[New] Balance", so it should fix your problem.

I can't seen to be able to run the file, even on VLC. But it may be a problem on my computer. Will try again later. For now can you try using the "[New] Quality" and disable YUV, see if it help? You may need to use a smaller scale so you don't run out of memory.